Hong Kong rioters demand British citizenship

 Hong Kong rioters demand British citizenship

When Britain returned to Hong Kong, it buried a lot of thunder, one of which was BNO passport, Hong Kong News Network reported. Some Hong Kong rioters who hold BNO passports think that with it, they will have a gold medal of death free and the final political dependence. However, unlike some British politicians who have jumped out from time to time to firmly support Hong Kong thugs, the attitude of British officials towards BNO has always been ambiguous. Over the years, the mood of Hong Kong rioters can be summed up with a lyric: let me be happy and let me worry.

Recently, the British Home Secretary and foreign minister on the BNO topic war.. British media reported that the home secretary believed that people with bNOS could enjoy the right of entry, and it is not difficult to change the current practice, and no legislation is needed. The foreign minister said the move would infuriate China and also violate the framework of one country, two systems.

The British Foreign Ministry also pointed out that the report was untrue and stressed that all decisions should be made according to the prime ministers instructions. However, the prime ministers instructions have not yet arrived, and the rioters have fried pot first. Some people directly call Britain the wasteland and ridicule it as the sunset Empire. There was a human flesh about the family history of the opposition British Foreign Minister.

Whats most ridiculous is that some people exclaimed: Hong Kong refugees do not want such high quality? It seems that it is right to raise the American flag. Others took the opportunity to seriously discuss Britains historical responsibility to Hong Kong.

When mainland netizens learned of the news, they strongly hoped that the UK would accept Hong Kong refugees. One after another, they satirized that the Hong Kong rioters were full of slavery and ugly, such excellent Hong Kong people are the talents that Britain badly needs? Hong Kong dare not enjoy this beautiful scenery alone.

Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the foreign ministry, once doubted the funny behavior of the rioters. I dont know if these people can be regarded as real Chinese if they want to obtain British citizenship. she also said, as a Chinese, its very offensive for me to beg for foreign intervention. Its absolutely nothing to be proud of.

This is begging for mercy, leading wolves into the house! A spokesman for the Special Mission Office of the Ministry of foreign affairs in Hong Kong also made it clear that such ugly faces and despicable acts are despised by all Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots. These national scum and Hong Kong sinners will always be nailed to the stigma of history.

Of course, we also need to ask the British Home Secretary once again, the amendment movement took place thousands of kilometers away in Hong Kong, China. How can Britain point out Chinas internal affairs? The Ministry of foreign affairs has stated publicly on many occasions that Hong Kong affairs are purely internal affairs of China and that no foreign government, organization or individual has the right to intervene. The British side has no sovereignty, governance or supervision over Hong Kong, and there is no so-called responsibility. Hong Kong is Chinas Hong Kong. We ask the British side to face up to the reality and respect Chinas sovereignty. (yuan Ruxia, overseas website)

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814