Global Times: no one can forget that the PLA is based in Hong Kong

 Global Times: no one can forget that the PLA is based in Hong Kong

Due to the capitalist system in Hong Kong, the United States has been able to exert some influence in Hong Kong, but Washington should not forget that its influence can become the actual jurisdiction over Hong Kong and turn Hong Kong into its sphere of influence. If Washington had such a pursuit, it would have hit a nail.

The measures announced on Monday are only the lightest. China has so far been more restrained, but that doesnt mean that Beijing will not, when necessary, play a big role in fighting back against the US sides even worse provocations.

The National Democracy Foundation of the United States and other sanctioned organizations are non-governmental organizations, but all of them are closely related to the U.S. officials. Their funds are all or most of them directly or indirectly funded by the government. They are the vanguard organizations of the U.S. in Ideological and other fields to carry out external value penetration and promote the national interests of the United States. In many countries and regions when social unrest, these organizations have played a very disgraceful role.

This is the first time that China has publicly listed U.S. non-governmental organizations on the sanctions list. This does not mean that Beijing believes that Hong Kongs affairs are all caused by external factors. However, some forces of the United States do play a bad and destructive role. To sanction them is the inevitable result of Chinas strong power and will of sovereignty.

Beijing announced the suspension of US ships and aircraft to Hong Kong, not to mention the US side should be surprised. It would be inconvenient for the US military to use Hong Kong as a traditional resting place, but please go to the US Congress and the White House to reason with them.

The measures introduced on Monday also send a clear signal to the extreme Hong Kong rioters in Hong Kong Society: dont expect external forces to dominate the trend of Hong Kongs situation. Hong Kong is Chinas territory, and no force can change or weaken this reality. It is a delusion to bring Hong Kong into the arms of the United States and Western forces. The country has sufficient capacity to play a strong card as needed to prevent Hong Kongs situation The activities of disordered ports cause substantial harm to the sovereignty of the state.

No one can forget the fact that the PLA is based in Hong Kong. It is not a device. In the event that the basic law is seriously impacted, this army will, in accordance with the law, attack the evil forces head-on and provide a basis for the situation in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an interface between China and the West under the rule of China. The United States is willing to expand the channels of exchanges between China and the United States through Hong Kong. We welcome that. If Washington wants to give up this channel, we will not catch up with it. Its the same for other western countries.

To Hong Kong society, we would like to say that it has become the tradition of the city to communicate with China and the West. If Hong Kong society cannot stop the internal destructive forces and the city cannot continue to operate as an interface between China and the west, then Hong Kongs economic structural adjustment will be a natural result.

In short, all forces should not try to weaken Chinas sovereignty over Hong Kong. We need to tell them now that this road is impassable.

Source: Global Times - global network editor: Shi Jianlei, nbj11331