14 years bleakest Real Madrid: 0 in the top 10! Benzema only 1 point

 14 years bleakest Real Madrid: 0 in the top 10! Benzema only 1 point

There are only two Real Madrid players in the Golden Globes 30 - man shortlist, Azar and Benzema. Azar, who finished 13th with 25 points, was largely willing to do what he did to help Chelsea win the Europa League final. Benzema scored only one point, tied for the penultimate place with vinaldum.

In last years selection, Modric won all the major Football Awards. In addition to the Magic Flute, varane, kurtuva, bell, Ramos, Marcelo, Isko and others have been selected into the Golden Globes 30. All of these players have been excluded from the 30 this year, which is directly due to the fact that Real Madrid were all empty last season.

The last time Real Madrid didnt make it to the top 10, it was back in 2005. At that time, Zidane was the only Real Madrid candidate in the 24 candidate list, and he finally ranked 18th with 5 points. Its worth mentioning that Zidane got only one vote, and the result was the highest score of five. According to Real Madrids empty season performance, the ticket that Qizu got at that time was obviously a human ticket.

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