Xu can runs 10000 meters every day, plays 15 rounds of actual combat, and punches 1562 times more than one game

 Xu can runs 10000 meters every day, plays 15 rounds of actual combat, and punches 1562 times more than one game

As the only professional champion in active service in China, Xu can, 25, completed the second defending championship in Indio, California, USA. facing the California born Challenger Manny Robles (18-0-8ko), who kept the unbeaten record, Xu can punched 1562 times in 12 rounds, creating a new record in the single lightweight boxing match and keeping it WBA Featherweight world champion gold belt.

Three months before the race, Xu ran 10000 meters a day for at least 15 rounds of practice. He was very clear that his biggest advantage was physical fitness. I was only in my teens, and my father asked me to jump rope and run. Once, I jumped rope for nearly an hour, threw up and stopped. Xu can has an obvious advantage under the abundant physical support, but in the middle of the eighth round, they misplaced each other, and Xu can banged a front hook of the opponent, his eyes were out of focus in an instant. He panicked for 10 seconds, but the advantage he built quickly stabilized his mind, although from then on to the end of the game, the other side had become a blur in his eyes.

Its not easy, but its expected to win. Whats unexpected is the average person who punches 43 times a minute. After winning, Xu can tried to squint to look at the small display in the hands of the cameraman, which showed the number of punches of both sides, vaguely saw more than 1000. Until the interview after the game, the host reported 1562 times of data, I was shocked at that time.

Its never been better. After the game, Xu can told Lu Xiaolong, CEO of Quanwei Sihai, I can play more now. Focusing on the feeling of hunger and the state of continuous improvement in the boxing arena, Xu can added the prefix monster, and his performance in 2019 professional boxing for three consecutive years also made Xu can hit the pun Ican in the personal poster of the world gold belt on the NASDAQ screen in New York Times Square last Christmas u201dFrom ingenious marketing to engraved facts, Xu can won the competitive wba126 pound world champions gold belt in Houston on January 26, this year; on May 26, Xu can defended Japans Kungfu Jiubao Falcon for the first time in his hometown of Fuzhou TKO; on November 24, the second time successfully defended the title.

But for Xu can, the real can must be recognized by himself. More than 100 days of preparation for the battle in Miami Ali boxing hall is Xu cans process of evolution, and self-confidence is the button to speed up everything, but before that, even if the golden belt is on the body, Xu can hasnt pressed the button completely.

Its very bad. My mentality is completely linked to training. The training in the U.S. lasted for three weeks. It was not because of hard work, but because the training volume was not saturated, which made Xu can feel anxious. In the eyes of the team leader man Jiahui, Xu cans previous training would stop until his legs were soft, like a candidate who pursued the strategy of sea of questions, but forcing himself to that part is actually a kind of performance of self-confidence.

During the training, Xu cans coach is Pedro, who has coached more than 20 Olympic champions and more than 10 world boxing champions such as Cotto and rigondo In Pedros schedule, Xu can has a training class in the morning and a training class in the evening, and has a rest in the afternoon. Xu can doesnt need to practice as hard as before, but the skills and tactics, foot movements on both sides, and the three-dimensional nature of attack help Xu can create more possibilities, and gradually find the balance between anxiety and training volume in mentality.

Hey, champion. Pedro calls Xu can enthusiastically every time. In the seemingly relaxed training atmosphere, Xu can fights with boxers of different styles such as Mexico, Cuba, the United States and so on. In a real battle, he will be given four sparring exercises, which are all under the best physical condition to fight with Xu can. Man Jiahui noticed Xu cans change. In this competition, a lot of his foot movements have not been seen before. In fact, they have appeared in the previous training, but they cant be used in the competition. But this time, he dared to use them, which is obviously the result of the change of self-confidence.

Another change that confidence brings to Xu can is in front of the camera. Before the competition, the local media asked Xu can why he would like to play in the U.S. competition. His answer was, although Chinas professional boxing is still weak, Chinese boxers are improving, but they are still short of opportunities to show themselves, so I hope to come out and let the outside world have some new understanding of Chinas professional boxers.

But do you know what you were like a year ago? Say only 10 words. After Lu Xiaolong finished, Xu can smiled shyly, I used to be very exclusive of these things, so I thought I was just a fighter. Its good to do a good job in the ring. Now I can feel the responsibility on my body. But I just want to be a fighter now and in the future, with a challenger mentality, he told China Youth Daily, China youth.com

After contacting boxing training as a teenager, Xu can felt that he never felt less nervous and hungry about the competition. Born in Zixi, Fuzhou, the hometown of bread, he traveled with his parents from small to small, leaving his childhood memories of bread fragrance in Shaanxi, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other places. When he moved to Kunming at the age of 16, he was officially exposed to professional boxing training under the guidance of Liu Gang, the first professional boxer in China, Xiong Chaozhong.

In Xiong Chaozhong, Xu can saw the power of simplicity, and he must become a practitioner of self-discipline, hard work and humility without any background in the system. In order to ensure the training effect, Xu can has never been able to drink too much food, carbonated drinks or junk food. During the preparation for the war, Xu can couldnt resist eating a spicy pot. Running 5 kilometers on the street in the late night in the United States is his punishment.

Xu can owes all his achievements to himself. He has the self-discipline, humility, concentration and desire for victory that only a top athlete has. Lu Xiaolong felt that after the success of this championship, the market reaction was much stronger than the previous two times. Professional sports may be like this, it needs you to prove yourself constantly. When you win the championship once, twice and three times, the market will really recognize your strength and influence on the public. In his opinion, Xiong Chaozhong and Zou Shiming have climbed the road to the top of professional boxing. As the third world champion in China, Xu can is also responsible for changing the trend of professional boxing in China. However, he and Xu can have a consensus that things on the ring are fundamental.

I hope I can come step by step and keep going when I am stable. With confidence, Xu can responded to IBFs current world champion Josh Wellingtons engagement. After winning the title, he shouted directly, Josh, lets play a game. Ill respond to you. He appreciated the ferocity of the opponents fighting. My pursuit of boxing now is to make the match more exciting. I dont know how high I can climb, but I will try to climb all the time.

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