Three people trapped in the Guangzhou sinkhole witness: seeing the hole getting bigger, dare not save people

 Three people trapped in the Guangzhou sinkhole witness: seeing the hole getting bigger, dare not save people

At the meeting, the head of relevant departments involved in the rescue said that the rescue work is still continuing and has not given up. To ensure the safety of rescue workers, rescue at all costs. It is preliminarily found that the collapse is not caused by shield machine construction.

Aerial photos of the scene of the accident.

Witness: two cars fall down due to ground collapse

According to the official microblog of Guangzhou Metro, at 9:28 a.m. on December 1, the ground collapsed at the junction of Guangzhou Avenue North and Yu Dongxi road. It is understood that the road section involved in the accident is the construction area of Shahe station of line 11.

According to a live video provided by the interviewee, the pavement around the pedestrian crossing under the viaduct collapsed, resulting in a large pit, in which the soil on the pavement continuously fell, resulting in a larger pit area.

A witness at the scene said that when the road collapsed, two vehicles fell into the hole one after another, dare not go to save, the hole is still growing.

In the afternoon of the incident, the official microblog of Guangzhou Metro said several times that it was preliminarily understood that a decontamination vehicle and a battery car were trapped in a pit and were making every effort to organize rescue, and the specific casualties were being verified.

A staff member of the first line of the subway said that the subway construction is generally divided into open excavation and concealed excavation. The accident site belongs to the construction method of concealed excavation, which is from the bottom. There are several main reasons for ground collapse caused by subway construction, including large groundwater flow, poor soil quality, failure to reinforce in time, failure to advance grouting and underground disturbance.

The staff also said that in the subway construction, there will be land subsidence observation early warning, when there is a red early warning, the construction must be stopped and grouting method should be adopted to strengthen the soil.

Installation of steel casing to form a rescue channel underground

According to the instructor of the fire brigade participating in the on-site rescue, after the incident, the firefighters arrived at the scene at 9:46 and found that a car and a person were trapped under the cement plate at the collapse. When preparing for the rescue, the cement plate collapsed again. At 9:47, firefighters could no longer see the vehicles and the trapped people in the collapse.

According to the relevant person in charge of the blue sky rescue team, when the rescue personnel arrived at the site, there was no trace of the trapped people and vehicles, the water overflowed from the underground, and the collapsed area quickly expanded to the pier location.

At about 19 oclock on the day of the incident, the reporter of Beijing News saw at the scene of the accident that the cave was almost elliptical, almost under the Shahe interchange, occupying at least three lanes, with a diameter of about 10 meters, and the intersection under the bridge was closed.

In the east side of the bridge, there are four concrete tankers, which Backfill Concrete to the pit through the boom. Every 20 minutes or so, there is a tanker rotation, and the newly arrived tanker is reconnected to the upper boom for further operation.

In the morning of December 2, the backfilling height of the pit is basically flush with the ground, and only a barrel with a diameter of 2 to 3 meters is left on the backfilling surface, which is vertically connected with the ground in the cave. Guangzhou Metro reported that steel casings were installed in the collapsed area to form a rescue channel to search for trapped people underground.

On December 2, sun Chengwei, general manager of the construction headquarters of Guangzhou Metro Group, said at the ventilation meeting that the identity of one trapped person was still unknown.


One of the trapped remains unidentified

Sun Chengwei, general manager of the construction headquarters of Guangzhou Metro Group, introduced at the ventilation meeting that among the three people trapped underground, the identity of the driver and passenger of the sewage vehicle has been determined, but the identity of another trapped person is still being further confirmed by the public security department, and no family members have been contacted at present.

The reporter of Beijing News learned from the relatives of the trapped people that a pair of father and son surnamed Shi, 51 and 27, from Hunan, were trapped in the car. My father has worked in Guangzhou for more than ten years. He is the boss of a cleaning service company. My son came here with my father in recent years. The son just got married this year, when the child was not full moon.

Yu, the wife of Mr. Shi, recalled that after the sinking, when she first approached the pit, she saw the trash cleaning vehicle roll over in the pit, but she did not find the trace of the father-in-law and her husband. The pit was full of loess. You can see the rear of the car, but you cant see the other side of the pit, and you cant see the drivers seat.

MS Yu said that shortly after entering the site again, she saw the pit expand, another collapse occurred, and only one third of the cars can be seen. Since then, she has been moved to safety.

Whether a man is dead or alive, he must see. Yu said that at present, she has not been informed of the rescue progress from the relevant departments. She does not know the current situation of her father-in-law and her husband. She hopes to get the information in time.

Question closely

Local authorities call backfill slope reinforcement to ensure rescue

The local authorities explained why the pit was backfilled on site.

Gong Yanhua, director of the external publicity and press release Department of the Publicity Department of Guangzhou municipal Party committee, responded to the Beijing news that the rescue was still in progress, and the backfilling was done to strengthen the slope and ensure the rescue.

As for the reasons for backfilling, people familiar with the rescue told the Beijing news that after the collapse, the collapse continued from the center to the outside, and the surrounding ground was in danger of collapse, so the rescue workers could not immediately carry out the rescue, and then the backfilling was also to strengthen the slope, instead of pouring concrete directly to the place of the trapped, that part of the space was empty.

Sun Chengwei, general manager of the construction headquarters of Guangzhou Metro Group, said that after the collapse slope was consolidated, the steel casing was buried to continue the excavation and rescue, we will save people at all costs while ensuring the safety of rescue personnel..

At about 7:00 on December 2, the overpass over the collapsed pavement was opened to traffic in both directions. Due to the early peak time, the traffic flow is large. The intersection near the accident road is still closed, and the police pulled up the cordon 500 meters away from the scene.

At 17:40 on December 2, Guangzhou Municipal Information Office held the second press conference. Sun Chengwei said that at present, the rescue work is still continuing and has never given up. The collapse is not caused by shield machine construction. The steel casings will be continued one by one to ensure the safety of rescue workers and rescue at all costs.

Experts from Guangdong Research Institute of water resources and hydropower read on the spot that the collapse speed is fast, the water is constantly flowing up, and the scope of the accident is constantly expanding, so a variety of rescue measures have been taken, and it is impossible to get close to it. In order to ensure the safety of rescue personnel, a rescue platform needs to be built.

Lin Benhai, a doctoral supervisor and registered geotechnical engineer of Guangzhou University, said that the landslide expanded rapidly, and many times, the rescue workers could not get close to it, and the landslide developed rapidly to the foundation near the viaduct, which also endangered the important underground pipeline facilities. In order to ensure that the secondary disasters do not develop any more, the collapse is reinforced. Therefore, the current plan is reasonable.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Dai Wenjia, nb12498