Hong Kong media: the police arrested three suspects in the burning man incident

 Hong Kong media: the police arrested three suspects in the burning man incident

However, the report said that the biggest culprit in the incident, suspected of igniting an attempt to murder Li Bo, has not yet been arrested.

On the afternoon of November 11, a group of rioters quarreled with Li Bo, who was under 57 years old, over their sabotage on an overpass in Ma On Shan District of Hong Kong. After Li Bo was beaten, the mob poured flammable liquid on him and ignited it, which made Li Bo become a flaming man in a flash. He was severely burned all over his body and his life was in danger.

Li Bos wife cried several times when she was interviewed recently, saying she was very sad after seeing the video. At that time, the nurse told me that she was seriously injured. Seeing him like this, I couldnt speak, and the children couldnt speak. The doctor said that he was 50% burned. My husband is a man of integrity. I hope they (the rioters) will stop as soon as possible and dont mess up Hong Kong. She said Li Bo had been treated in the deep treatment department of the hospital for his extensive burns.

Li Bo is burned by a mob and needs to redo skin grafting for the first time

On the afternoon of November 29, it was learned that the skin grafting of Hong Kongs burned Li Bo was not satisfactory and needed to be performed again. Li Bo has completed two skin transplants, according to the attending doctor. After opening the wound on Thursday, he found that part of the skin grafts were not ideal and needed to be rescheduled. At present, Libo is still in a serious situation and has not passed the dangerous period, so it is impossible to confirm the recovery schedule. The most important thing is to save one life.

Hong Kong burn Li Bo transferred to burn center, most of his body covered with bandages

On November 23, it was learned that Li Bo, who had been burned to level 5 by rioters in Hong Kong, was in stable condition and had been transferred from intensive care unit to burn center for treatment. After Li Bo was injured and in a coma, Mrs. Li stopped working to take care of her husband. On the evening of the 23rd, GE peifan, a member of the Legislative Council of the peoples Republic of Hong Kong, wrote on the social networking website that when he accompanied Mrs. Li to visit Mr. Li, he saw that most of his body was covered with bandages, showing only black scars on his eyes, nose and lips after burns.