Visualization, automatic driving, monitoring and early warning of Chinas high-speed rail: smart at your fingertips

 Visualization, automatic driving, monitoring and early warning of Chinas high-speed rail: smart at your fingertips

China has the most modern railway network and the most developed high-speed railway network in the world. Relying on major projects such as Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, Jingxiong high speed railway and Haoji railway, China vigorously carries out research and development of key core technologies such as intelligent construction, intelligent equipment and intelligent operation, and constantly promotes the intelligent railway, which has become an important leader in the development of Intelligent Railway in the world.

Recently, at the 15th China International Modern Railway Technology Equipment Exhibition, the hard technology of intelligent high-speed railway made the audience enjoy it. This also makes the Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, Chinas first intelligent high-speed railway to be opened at the end of this year, attract more attention and expectation.

What is intelligent high-speed rail? Intelligent high-speed rail is a new generation of integrated management in the whole life cycle, which widely uses new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of things, mobile Internet, artificial intelligence, Beidou navigation BIM, etc. to make comprehensive and efficient use of resources, to realize the comprehensive perception, ubiquitous interconnection, fusion processing, active learning and scientific decision-making of information among high-speed rail mobile equipment, fixed infrastructure design and external environment Intelligent high-speed railway system.

Intelligence is an important direction for the future development of high-speed rail in the world. Chinas high-speed rail development has gone through three stages of initialization, localization and independence, and now it has entered the stage of intelligent development in an all-round way. He Huawu, vice president of the Chinese Academy of engineering and vice president of the Chinese Association for science and technology, introduced that China has become a world high-speed rail country, and its technology, equipment, construction and application have reached the international advanced level, some of which are at the leading level.

Nowadays, China Railway regards the development of Intelligent Railway as an important strategic direction of Railway Science and technology innovation in the future. Rely on Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, Beijing xiongxi high speed railway, Haoji railway and other major projects to vigorously develop key core technologies.

Intelligent construction, safe and controllable

BIM full name is building information model, which is a kind of data tool applied to engineering design, construction and management. Through the integration of building data and information model, BIM plays an important role in the whole life cycle process of project planning, operation and maintenance, and plays an important role in improving production efficiency, saving cost and shortening construction period.

BIM design is adopted in the whole life cycle, that is to say, BIM Technology is adopted in the whole life cycle of construction, from parametric collaborative design to engineering construction and management, to road, bridge, tunnel, rail, four electricity, passenger station, etc. The advantage of BIM is to promote the whole life cycle traceable closed-loop management of Engineering real-world modeling, visual collaborative design, intelligent construction and engineering construction quality, and improve the engineering construction decision-making and management level. He Huawu introduced.

Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway is Chinas first high-speed railway project with full line, full specialty and full life cycle using BIM Technology. According to the relevant person in charge of China Railway Group, the external environment of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway station is complex and its technical requirements are high, including the one bridge, two stations and three tunnels project of Badaling Great Wall Station. BIM Technology effectively solves the problems encountered in the process of project construction. It can intuitively, stereoscopically and comprehensively display the whole process of project construction. It uses three-dimensional technology to carry out collision inspection in the early stage, optimize the engineering design, and reduce the possible error loss and rework possibility in the construction stage.

Wang Tongjun, deputy general manager of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd., introduced that the railway department organized and carried out the research on key technologies for BIM design and application of high-speed railway infrastructure. Through the establishment of BIM collaborative design platform, it independently developed mapping, line, bridge, tunnel and other professional BIM collaborative design software. At the same time, the research on Key Technologies of BIM Based Railway Engineering Construction and management has been carried out, forming a complete set of BIM based construction management technology, standard system and management system of high-speed railway with independent intellectual property rights.

Advanced and practical intelligent equipment

At present, the automatic driving technology of 350 km / h high-speed railway is still blank. Through technical research and comprehensive test verification of Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway, the automatic driving function of 350 km / h will be realized for the first time in Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway. About He Huawu.

In the second half of last year, the independent intelligent comprehensive test was carried out on Beijing Shenyang high-speed railway, in which 29 test projects were carried out around intelligent equipment, intelligent construction and intelligent operation, among which the test of independent train control system marked by automatic driving is one of the key projects. Automatic driving is of great significance to reduce the drivers labor intensity, improve the passenger experience and green environmental protection. We summarize that it has four improvements and two decreases. Mo Zhisong, director of signal discipline of Ministry of industry and electricity and chief engineer of high speed railway train control system project of China National Railway Group Co., Ltd.

The four improvement means that intelligent automatic driving system can improve train safety, improve punctuality rate, improve passenger comfort and improve driving efficiency. Two reductions is to reduce the drivers labor intensity and the locomotives traction energy consumption. At the same time, it can realize four automatic and one linkage in function, starting automatically at the point, running automatically in the section, stopping automatically at the station, opening automatically at the stop, and joint control of the train door and platform door.

According to the test, Fuxing will drive at a high speed of 350 km once to stop. The error of final stop accuracy is within 10 cm, the power saving index is about 15%, and the on-time rate can reach 100% theoretically, that is to say, it will not be delayed due to driving problems. About Mo Zhisong.

Wang Tongjun introduced that in terms of automatic driving, the railway department organized research on Key Technologies of automatic driving of high-speed trains and demonstration application of Beijing Zhangjiakou high speed railway, conquered key technical problems such as EMU interface technology, train control system interface technology and train ground wireless communication transmission technology, and developed CTCS2 + ATO train control system with independent intellectual property rights.

Comfortable and convenient intelligent operation

The soon to be opened Beijing Zhangjiakou high-speed railway will realize one pass and enter the station with a brush of face. According to the staff of China Academy of Railway Sciences Group, after the realization of face brushing, passengers do not need ID card and ticket to enter the station. As long as the real name face brushing authentication is carried out on the 12306 client, they can enter the station directly when taking the high-speed railway in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, and quickly and intelligently.

What other services does smart rail have? Wang Tongjun told reporters that in terms of ticketing, it will comprehensively implement electronic ticket, integrated face recognition, millisecond test of real name system for large passenger flow, dynamic optimization of passenger train operation scheme, and comprehensive traffic e-ticket authentication and mutual recognition.

In terms of intelligent station, swipe face verification robot service, WiFi / 5G access and business travel service, convenient transfer, swipe face check, intelligent navigation in the station A series of technologies can make passengers travel more convenient and comfortable, and watch live games on high-speed rail. At the same time, intellectualization is also reflected in the comprehensive detection, alarm and disposal of wind, rain, snow, earthquake, landslide and foreign matter intrusion along the high-speed railway by connecting the monitoring and alarm data to the railway data service platform.

Behind the visible intelligent service is the continuous innovation of science and technology. In recent years, the railway department has carried out intelligent technology research such as integrated power supply operation system, intelligent integrated dispatching system and railway Beidou application service platform.

We have established China Railway master data center based on cloud computing in Wuqing, Tianjin, which is a railway data service platform independently developed by China. Luo Qingzhong, deputy general manager of China Academy of Railway Sciences Group Co., Ltd., said that railway informatization has taken a key step towards centralized and cloud computing.

The construction of smart Jingzhang and Jingxiong has opened a new chapter of Chinas smart high-speed rail. In the future, Chinas high-speed rail will continue to forge ahead in the direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence, comprehensively promote high-speed rail technology innovation, and actively share the successful experience of intelligent high-speed rail with other countries in the world. Wang Tongjun said.

Source: Economic Daily Author: Qi Hui editor in charge: Li Yi, nbjs9851