Female fans resell tickets for Jay Chous concert and are cheated by fake scalpers by nearly 150000

 Female fans resell tickets for Jay Chous concert and are cheated by fake scalpers by nearly 150000

Surging news on December 3 learned from the Public Security Bureau of Linan District of Hangzhou that the suspect in the case truthfully confessed the crime of Xiaomei (pseudonym) and her friend, the victim of the fraud, after arriving at the case. At present, YingMou has been detained by the police. Ying said he didnt have the original price tickets for Jay Chous concert at all. All the tickets he sold were fake.

Xiaomei is a music teacher of a training institution in Linan. She and several college students are all loyal fans of Jay Chou. At the end of August this year, Xiaomei and her college classmates discussed going to see Jay Chous concert in Hangzhou on November 15 and 16. Xiaoqing, a college classmate, said he knew a man named Ying who was a ticket agent and could buy tickets for Jay Chous concert at the original price. Xiaomei adds YingMou wechat, YingMou claims to have cooperation with a ticketing network, and has the original price ticket channel, Xiaomei.

A record of the conversation between the victim and Ying. All the pictures in this paper are provided by the police

After Xiaomei bought two tickets of 1300 yuan from YingMou, she should give them to Xiaomei as promised. After that, Xiaomei resells two tickets at a price higher than the original price of 3000 yuan. Mei Mei, who has tasted the sweetness, has bought 130 tickets from different prices and sold 144 thousand yuan to Alipay through WeChat and WeChat. At the same time, Xiaomeis friends are also buying 14 tickets at different prices, worth more than 10000 yuan.

After waiting for the money to arrive at the account, Ying refuses to see Xiaomei and her friends for the reason that there is something wrong with the ticket network system and the ticket cant be obtained. After that, Xiaomei loses contact with her, and Xiaomei finds out that she has been cheated and calls the police.

Police of Jincheng police station of Linan Public Security Bureau soon found Ying. Ying, 32, from Jiangxi Province, graduated from junior high school and has no job.

The suspect should be questioned by the police

Ying explained to the police that he saw someone selling tickets for star concerts in his wechat circle of friends, so he released the information about selling tickets for Jay Chous concerts in his wechat circle of friends, and lied that he could get the original tickets through an internal channel of the ticket network. After swindling Xiaomei and her friends for more than 150000 yuan, the money was used for daily expenses, virtual currency investment, etc.

Source: surging news editor: Li Chao, nb12814