870000 5g packages for 130000 base stations: 5g flies into ordinary peoples homes

 870000 5g packages for 130000 base stations: 5g flies into ordinary peoples homes

Today, 5g is flying into the homes of ordinary people. In June, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued 5g business licenses to four enterprises, marking the first year of Chinas 5g business; on October 31, three basic telecom operators issued 5g packages, and from November 1, the majority of users began to use 5g. In the next one month, the number of 5g package subscribers reached 870000, and the consumption of 5g mobile phones was also growing rapidly.

At present, Huawei, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers have launched 5g mobile phones. During the double 11 period, the sales volume of 5g mobile phones of JD platform was 20 times that of the whole month in October. Among them, the sales volume of Huaweis mate30 series 5g version of mobile phone was more than 100 million yuan one minute after its sale. As an employee of Huawei said, the biggest advantage of 5g mobile phone is fast Internet speed. Although 5g mobile phone signal is not as wide as 4G at present, 5g mobile phone can automatically switch between 4G and 5g signals, which will not affect daily use and is popular with a large number of consumers.

It is predicted that the penetration rate of 5g mobile phones will reach 40% to 50% by 2025. I think it may be faster, which depends on the price of 5g terminal, the coverage level of 5g network and the situation of relevant application software, etc. Wu Hequan, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said.

In fact, whether high-speed rail has 5g signal, or 5g mobile phone becomes the hot money of electronic consumption category, it is just a miniature of 5gs rapid development. Looking back at the 2019 meeting that is going to say goodbye to us, we find that there are too many big events in 5g fieldu2014u2014

5g means everything is connected. 5g brings people not only the existing sweet spot, but also a new future full of infinite possibilities. According to an online survey recently launched by China Mobile, netizens are full of yearning for life in 5g era. Some people say that the first thing they want to do when they get the first 5g mobile phone is to download high-definition movies, test the 5g network speed, and see if its really as fast as lightning; others say that they want to play 5g cloud games, want to have high-definition video calls with their families, and want to experience how strong 5g technology is

Industry insiders said that 5g, together with cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new technologies, will promote various new applications and new formats, bring new changes to peoples production and life, and inject new vitality into the transformation and upgrading of Chinas industrial structure and high-quality economic development.

[comments] Liu duo, President of China Academy of information and communication: 5g development in China is accelerating. In terms of standard formulation, by may 2019, Chinas enterprises declared that the number of patents accounted for more than 30% of the global total, ranking first in the world; in terms of product research and development, Huawei, ZTE and other enterprises led the world in medium frequency system equipment, Hisilicon took the lead in releasing the worlds first 5g base station core chip and multi-mode terminal chip; in terms of application promotion, China actively promoted 5g in industrial Internet and vehicle Networking, Ultra HD video, smart city and other applications.

In the future, all parties of the industry should continue to strengthen cooperation and exploration, so as to increase the sustainability of the deep integration of 5g and industrial Internet in China. For example, speed up the deployment of 5g technology to carry out network transformation in the factory, speed up the construction of 5g network environment in the factory, and provide facilities and resources for integrated development; establish innovative carriers such as 5g and industrial Internet integrated R & D system, innovation center or laboratory, gather various R & D resources, and improve R & D efficiency and achievement transformation level.

Source: Guangming Daily Author: Liu Kun editor in charge: Li Yigou nbjs9851