Open the door caused 1162 traffic accidents this year: nearly 500 people were injured

 Open the door caused 1162 traffic accidents this year: nearly 500 people were injured

This year, there were 1162 traffic accidents and nearly 500 people were injured in different degrees due to the small action of opening the door. According to the Beijing Traffic Management Bureau, as of November 20, there were 343000 property loss and minor injury accidents in Beijing, up 17.5% year-on-year; 2782 death and serious injury accidents, down 3.1% year-on-year; and 3.1% year-on-year decline in death and serious injury accidents.

u25a0 traffic accident trend:

Small accidents increase, big accidents decrease

Yesterday morning, the Beijing traffic control bureau held an activity of Beijing traffic police report to the public. Lai Jiange, a political commissar of the accident department of the municipal traffic administration, released an analysis of road traffic accidents in Beijing this year.

From the perspective of accident trend, the number of small accidents increases while that of large accidents decreases. With the continuous increase of motor vehicles and drivers, the number of fatalities in accidents continues to decline, and there are no serious accidents.

Through big data analysis, Lai Jiange summarized five traps that are easy to cause traffic accidents, including night trap, expressway, expressway, urban and rural path trap, illegal trap, semi skilled driver trap and bad habit trap. Among them, the seemingly small bad habits such as answering and calling when driving and opening the door at will are the major hidden dangers of traffic accidents.

u25a0 on site Q & A:

Can I pick up and call hands-free while driving

Come to sword and Ge to solve doubts on the spot. Some netizens asked, if the driving distance is very close and the speed is slow, can you not fasten your seat belt? He explained that as long as you drive a motor vehicle, you have to fasten your seat belt, which is stipulated by law; even at a speed of only 20 km / h, once there is an impact, the front passengers head will bear the impact force of 110 kg, and if you fasten your seat belt according to the regulations, you can reduce the injury by half.

In response to the question can the handsfree mode of mobile phone receive and make phone calls while driving, Lai Jiange replied: it is not allowed to receive and make phone calls while driving, no matter whether the handsfree mode is held or turned on. He said that if the driver is distracted by driving at a speed of 30 kilometers per hour for one second, the vehicle has already driven 8.3 meters, this distance is a safe blind area, and the driver has no time to respond in case of an emergency.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li Chao, nb12814