CCTV online review: ofos fantastic ideas shouldnt be used for cheating people

 CCTV online review: ofos fantastic ideas shouldnt be used for cheating people

But the so-called return money for shopping, the so-called no need to line up to withdraw cash deposit, is essentially the following: once the user authorizes to participate in the activity, the deposit will be converted into the equivalent account balance of ofo return money; once the deposit is converted, it will be irrevocable, and the withdrawable balance cannot be required to be changed back to the ofo platform deposit. This means that participating in the activity means that the user gives up the claim for the deposit by default, and the ofo platform no longer has the obligation to return the deposit. Isnt that for users?

Whats more, after the deposit is converted, it cant be purchased directly. Instead, users need to spend extra money to get money back. For the explanation of this rule, ofo does not pay attention, and users can easily enter the pit without knowing it.

Lets talk about the refund activity again. According to the rules, users who have deposits in ofo that have not been refunded can enjoy double refund, that is, 40 yuan can be withdrawn when the withdrawal amount is accumulated to 20 yuan. Ofo has set a withdrawal threshold for activities. Users with a deposit of 99 yuan and 199 yuan can withdraw up to 5 times and 10 times respectively. When the number reaches the upper limit, they will no longer enjoy double cashback.

However, to get the 20 yuan return money is not an easy thing, it needs to spend a considerable amount of money to do it. For example, a bag of 9.9 yuan paper towels can be returned at 0.8 yuan, a box of beer at 39.9 yuan can be returned at 0.42 yuan, and a bag of 21.9 yuan snacks can be returned at 0.08 yuan According to this rule, if you want to get back the original deposit by purchasing such products, you may have to invest tens or even tens of thousands of yuan more.

That is to say, users who have already entered the pit, even if they really get back the deposit, have spent tens or even hundreds of times more than the deposit on the third-party shopping platform or its deer has goods platform cooperating with ofo. Moreover, it is not known whether the prices of these goods are reasonable. Maybe the deposit that I took back has been quietly collected by ofo when I was shopping.

Where is no need to queue up, withdraw deposit, this is clearly a new way to let users continue to bleed. Ofo has played tricks on the refunds more than once.

Last year, the cooperation between ofo and ppmoney, the mutual fund platform, caused widespread controversy, and finally had to quickly get offline. In March this year, ofo launched the gold coin mall, which changed the deposit into gold coin consumption. There are still many ways, not only the quantity of commodities is small, but also the price is obviously too high, and ultimately the user did not buy it.

In May this year, the Ministry of transport and other departments issued the measures for the administration of funds for users of new forms of transportation (for Trial Implementation), which specifically mentioned that user deposits belong to users, and operation enterprises shall not misappropriate them, and the way, procedure and period of deposit return shall be clearly indicated in the prominent position of the network platform.

For this industry management regulation, ofo shows its attitude of ignoring with practical actions. Users originally chose ofo based on their trust in the enterprise. Now they want to return the deposit, but they are so calculated. Ofo does not use fantastic ideas in business, but repeatedly plays with users. Relevant departments should not ignore this and let them continue to play tricks on users.

Source: responsible editor of CCTV: Qiao JunJing ufe63 nbj11279