Lemonade, 996, rain woman without melon... Do you understand 2019 network terms?

 Lemonade, 996, rain woman without melon... Do you understand 2019 network terms?

On December 2, 2019, the national language resources monitoring and Research Center released 2019 network terms. The network terms released this time are as follows: thousands of roads, safety first; lemon essence; haoheyo; a werewolf; rain woman without melon; hard core; 996; 1.4 billion flag bearers.

Do you know what these catchwords mean? Heres a short explanation

Thousands of roads, safety first

The popularity of this phrase originated from a line repeatedly used in the movie wandering the earth, which was later adopted by many traffic police as a traffic safety propaganda term. Netizens imitated the sentence pattern to create a variety of usages of ten million, the first, which made the network term more widely used and spread.

Argumentative person

It literally means that lemon becomes essence, which means that you like to sour others and envy others. Now it is mostly used to express the multiple envy of others from appearance to inner, from material life to emotional life.

Hi, hi.

From the same name network songs, after short video adaptation and with a very magical performance, attracted many people to imitate. Used to express the state of being happy and excited.

Its a werewolf.

It evolved from being a ruthless person, which means a little more ruthless than a ruthless person. Its usually used to tease someone who doesnt play cards according to common sense, but can achieve miraculous results, which gives people an unexpected and powerful feeling.

Rain melon without melon

The homophony of nothing to do with you is a kind of nonstandard and dialectal expression of Putonghua. This kind of expression looks cold and mysterious, a little confusing, plus the expression pack is very funny, which is usually used to connect or tease others.

Hard core

The word originally refers to a form of rap music, which is considered to be more powerful. Later, it was extended as the core part and backbone, which means powerful and domineering. For example, hard core technology refers to the key and core technology; to say someone is hard core can mean that the other party is very tough and tough.

Nine hundred and ninety-six

It refers to the working time from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., working six days a week, which represents the overtime culture prevailing in Chinese Internet enterprises. But advocating struggle and labor is not equal to forced overtime. Hard work is struggle, skillful work is struggle; extending working hours is struggle, improving efficiency is also struggle.

1.4 billion flag bearers

In the face of the violence of thugs throwing the flag into the sea in Hong Kong, CCTV news released a micro blog topic on the same day, there are 1.4 billion flag protectors in the five-star red flag. Netizens leave messages and swipe and forward them to express their sincere feelings of loving the motherland and protecting the national flag.

Source: CCTV news editor in charge: Dai Wenjia, nb12498