Reporter secretly visits the meat joint factory: Daily wash white thousands of Jin dead pigs to pay

 Reporter secretly visits the meat joint factory: Daily wash white thousands of Jin dead pigs to pay

Reporter secretly visits! Every day, the regular meat joint factory washes thousands of kilograms of dead and dead pigs: stuffed with money and sealed for inspection (source: ~)

Foshan Lishui Heyi meat factory was exposed to the phenomenon of washing white dead pigs. The dead pigs, which were supposed to be treated innocuously in the harmless workshop of the regular slaughterhouse, actually quietly flowed out of the slaughterhouse, and some died pigs, with the label of qualified quarantine, flowed into the market pork stalls in Guangzhou, Foshan and other places. The dead pork that flowed to the market every day, even reached thousands of Jin!

At about 4:00 a.m. in Foshan lihuiyi meat factory, a pig pulling car stopped in front of a stall in the live pig trading area. Someone drove down one pig on the car. After the pig was driven, only two dead pigs weighing 1 or 200 Jin were left behind, lying there motionless. Seeing someone staring at the dead pig, a woman in red quietly leaned over to the secret reporter to sell the dead pig in a low voice.

In a private interview with reporters and women, a man nearby used a cage car to push a dead pig weighing 340 Jin from the live pig trading area to the slaughtering area of the meat joint factory. At first, the slaughterhouse staff directly refused to split the dead pig. Dont want to, the man then looked for a few other people wearing the uniform of the meat factory to chat for a while, the dead pig was pulled to the slaughtering area by the staff. After hanging up the dead pig, the staff immediately used a knife to bleed the dead pig, but the blood was dark red. After scalding, depilation and evisceration, the dead pig immediately turned into a white one. At about 8:30 that morning, the dead pork, which had been refused by the inspector, was stamped with the inspection seal.

At about 9:00 a.m. that day, in the live pig trading area, a dead pig of about two or three hundred jin was pulled down from the pig puller, and then sprayed with red paint that indicated that it could not be slaughtered, but was still slaughtered in the slaughterhouse. A week later, at about 4 a.m., the secret reporter came to Heyi meat factory again. Within half an hour of the scene, someone was seen from the live pig trading area, pulling a dead pig whose body was partially purple to the slaughtering area. After the slaughterhouse staff saw the dead pig, they asked the pig buyer to pull the pig away, but the buyer was reluctant to leave, and the two sides were stuck there. At this time, a security guard of a joint meat factory opened his mouth and told the truth to the pig buyer. He said that the dead pig was not accepted because he did not say hello, that is to say, bribe.

At the scene, the secret reporter saw a man pushing the dead pig to the slaughterhouse and giving the staff at least 100 yuan in cash. The staff who took the money immediately changed their attitude. They helped the pig buyer attentively and put two dead pigs on the slaughtering line one by one. About 10 minutes later, after slaughter and segmentation, the dead pork came to the inspection area. After the inspection and the seal were sealed, the two men directly carried four pieces of dead pork onto the minivan and took the release note from the payment office. Then the pig buyer left the joint factory without any hindrance. At the last checkpoint, the security guard was nothing but a virtual device. There was no inspection on the trucks pulling pork in and out. The secret reporter followed the pickup truck from Lishui, Foshan to Jinshazhou, Baiyun District, then through shangguangyuan, inner ring, after running for more than 60 kilometers, the pickup truck finally stopped at the gate of Dinggang fair agricultural trade market, Huangpu District. Then the man got out of the car and used a trailer to move one of the dead pork into a stall at the entrance. In this way, the dead pork has become a normal pork. It is sold on the market at a price of tens of yuan a Jin.

In the secret interview, the reporter also found that what is more unbelievable is that this regular joint meat factory not only processes dead pigs on behalf of customers, but also, in addition to the harmless treatment room of the joint meat factory, there are mysterious trucks, which will pull away thousands of kilograms of dead pork that should have been harmless treatment every day! In the harmless treatment room, the reporter saw that the door was full of dead pigs, while the house was full of dead pork, which was all cut and piled on the ground according to pig legs, pig viscera and pork chops. At about 11:30 that day, the two vehicles came directly to the harmless treatment room, and after stopping for about an hour, they disappeared mysteriously. And with it disappeared, and harmless treatment room, should have been harmless treatment, thousands of kilograms of dead pork.

During the private interview, the reporter noticed that from 4:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. every day, the dead pig trade and slaughter have been continuously performed in Heyi meat factory. While the monitoring of the security room of the joint meat factory has realized the full coverage of the whole area, but for the whole process of the dead pig trading and slaughtering, it has chosen the initiative of blindness.

At present, the three-level governments of Foshan City, Nanhai District and Lishui town have organized the departments of public security, agricultural and rural areas, market supervision and management to rush to the scene, set up an incident working group, fully involved in the investigation, and ordered the enterprise to ban the transfer of pigs from now on, and immediately shut down the business for rectification after the disposal of the stock of pigs. In order to ensure the supply and quality of pork, the relevant departments launched the emergency plan, conducted a comprehensive investigation on the pig slaughterhouses in the whole region, and carried out quality and safety inspection on the pork market within the jurisdiction. The public security department has taken away relevant personnel for investigation.

Second elder martial brothers value fell by 17.25 yuan, the lowest price in nearly 30 days

According to statistics, on November 29, the average wholesale price of Baitiao pig in Xinfadi market was 17.25 yuan / Jin, down 9.21% from 19.0 yuan / Jin on November 22, and 31.36% from 25.13 yuan / Jin on October 29. Xinfadi relevant person in charge said that due to the recovery of pig production capacity, the daily average listing volume this week was at the highest point in nearly a month, and also the lowest point of meat price in nearly a month.

Why does the price of second elder martial brother decline?

After the outbreak of African swine fever, the number of imported pork in China increased significantly. According to customs data, the total amount of imported pork in the first three quarters of this year reached more than 1.32 million tons, an increase of 43.6% year on year. Will the increase of imported pork further promote the decline of domestic pork price? In response, Mei xurong said, Chinas annual pork consumption is more than 50 million tons. Although the number of imports has increased, the proportion is still small, and the impact on the market will not be too great..