Lao Rongzhi is an accomplice in a homicide case: being seduced, robbed or killed by her

 Lao Rongzhi is an accomplice in a homicide case: being seduced, robbed or killed by her

On December 2, the upstream journalists saw from faziyings interrogation records 20 years ago that faziying had confessed that Yin Jianhua was killed by Lao Rongzhi, but later denied it. This case is also so far, suspected of direct killing by Lao Rongzhi.

A copy of the ID card of Lao Rongzhi and her former pseudonym Shen Lingqiu when they murdered Yin Jianhua in Hefei. Picture source / Puzzle

According to the previous upstream news report, Lao Rongzhi was arrested: from a female teacher to behind the female devil head of seduction and murder, on June 21, 1999, after faziying took Lao Rongzhi to Hefei, the two used the false identities of Ye Weimin and Shen Lingqiu to rent in the recovery building of Shuanggang Hongqiao primary school in Hefei. A few days later, when Lao Rongzhi was sitting at a nearby bar, he got to know Yin Jianhua who was generous.

u25b2 on December 2, 2019, in Hefei, Anhui Province, the restoration building of Shuanggang Hongqiao primary school, where faziying and Lao Rongzhi killed the carpenter and Yin Jianhua, has become a dangerous house 20 years ago.

Faziying mentioned in her first record that Lao Rongzhi once told him that Yin Jianhua was driving a minivan when he went to the bar, with several packs of Chinese cigarettes in it. Therefore, the two planned to use Yin Jianhuas robbery as a means of making money after arriving in Hefei.

On July 22, 1999, after contacting with Lao Rongzhi, Yin Jianhua went to Lao Rongzhis rental house alone. As soon as he entered, he was threatened with a knife by faziying, and he was bound and locked in a prepared iron cage for the purpose of asking for money.

After pressing, Yin Jianhua said that he could let his wife give faziying 300000 yuan.

The record of faziyings inquiry told Lao Rongzhi to kill Yin Jianhua.

Faziying told Lao Rongzhi, if I dont come back at 12 oclock, I will be caught. You will revenge me and kill him. then, faziying went out to take a taxi and rushed to the place agreed with Yin Jianhuas wife to get the money.

But then faziying confessed that he had killed Yin Jianhua before he left, not Lao Rongzhis hand. Lawyer Liu Jingjie of Zhongcheng Gaoxin law firm told reporters.

According to the upstream news reporters, in the other two cases of Nanchang and Wenzhou identified by the court, due to the repeated Confessions of faziying, Lao Rongzhi was not identified as a direct murderer.

For this reason, Lawyer Liu Jingjie introduced to the upstream news reporter whether Lao Rongzhi killed 7 lives: although faziying did not give the facts of Lao Rongzhis crime, through physical evidence, authentication and other evidence, Lao Rongzhi can be identified as an accomplice in 3 cases of 7 victims.

Source: responsible editor of upstream news: Li Chao, nb12814