A woman doctor snatches four minutes of gold from a passengers cardiac arrest at a height of 10000 meters

 A woman doctor snatches four minutes of gold from a passengers cardiac arrest at a height of 10000 meters

Zhang Yan and the crew are rescuing the passengers.

Ten thousand meters high, when encountering the headache and vomiting consciousness obstacle of passengers, the pulse can not be detected, the person calling for medical treatment, go forward to cooperate, evaluate, inhale oxygen, CPR First class cabin becomes a temporary rescue room The patients heart beat, consciousness recovered and improved. The plane made an emergency landing and the patient landed for treatment. Applause and praise came from his ears Suddenly, I feel that the ordinary work has an extraordinary significance. Go back to my seat and continue to nibble three medical guidelines, and respect life and love boundless On December 1, a circle of friends of Dr. Zhang Yan, neurology department of Chongqing emergency medical center, gained a lot of praise from netizens.

On the same day, at the height of ten thousand meters from Chongqing to Beijing, she snatched a passenger who had a cardiac arrest from the God of death with cardiopulmonary resuscitation in Four Golden minutes. The passengers on the plane applauded her warmly!

In crisis, they stand up

At about 1:30 p.m. on December 1, Zhang Yan boarded Air China flight ca1430 from Chongqing to Beijing. About half an hour after the flight took off, she was looking at a medical book and heard the news that the cabin broadcast was looking for a doctor. Zhang Yanli got up, walked all the way from the middle of the economy class to the first class, and found the flight attendant who was calling for help.

Im a doctor! What can I do for you! Zhang Yan told the flight attendants. After a simple confirmation, the flight attendant brought Zhang Yan to the bathroom door and told her that a patient was vomiting in the bathroom. The patients current condition is cold sweat, stomach discomfort, vomiting all the time.

After a simple inquiry, Zhang Yan asked two male flight attendants to help the patient out of the bathroom. The patient is a 60 year old male. After coming out of the bathroom, his head has been lowered and he cant stand normally.

Do you have dizziness and headache? Zhang Yan asked.

No dizziness, but headache. The patient answered.

Seeing the patients vomiting reaction, Zhang Yan hurriedly called the flight attendant to take the plastic bag to catch the vomit. Take care of it first, dont throw it. Zhang Yan suspected that the patient was eating the wrong thing or suffering from cerebrovascular diseases. She asked the flight attendant to help the patient back to the seat, guide the flight attendant to put the seat as flat as possible, and let the patient take a side lying position.

At this time, Zhang Yan and another nurse from the First Affiliated Hospital of Chongqing Medical University felt the pulse of the patient from left to right. The flight attendants cooperated with them to find out the medical kit, flashlight and emergency medicine There was a lot of tension in the whole cabin.

Dr. Zhang Yans circle of friends.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation brings patients back to life

When checking the pupil of the patient, it is found that the light of the flashlight shines up, the pupil of both eyes enlarges and shrinks, and the eyeball on the right side inclines to the nose. Zhang Yan said that at that time, she felt that the patients condition was very bad. With the help of flight attendants, Zhang Yan brought oxygen masks to the patients. After 3-5 minutes, the patients gradually lost consciousness and their pulse became weaker

Zhang Yan and the nurse looked at each other. No, the pulse is gone. First aid now! At the time of crisis, Zhang Yan, who has many years of experience in emergency treatment, did not panic. She quickly arranged tasks for everyone: patient leveling, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, nurse touching pulse, flight attendant pumping the emergency medicine into the needle tube

1u30012u30013u30014u2026u2026 Press 30 times, then mouth to mouth artificial respiration 2 times. Zhang Yan skillfully carried out the standard cardiopulmonary resuscitation process. At the end of one cycle, the patients reaction was observed, and the flight attendant next to her was ready at any time with the rescue medicine. Theres a pulse! The nurse said. Then, the patients eyes narrowed a little, his hands moved a little, and his heart rate gradually recovered Those involved in the rescue are finally relieved.

Warm applause from the cabin

As the patients condition is relatively serious, more than ten minutes later, the plane made a forced landing at Xian airport, and 120 medical staff who had been on standby at the airport took the patient to the ambulance. When the patient got off the plane, his consciousness had recovered, but he could not speak for the time being. He folded his hands and looked at Zhang Yan and thanked them silently.

The plane took off again. On the way back to her seat, Zhang Yan, who had been retired from work, asked the passengers, doctor, how is the patient? Safe for the time being. Zhang Yan tells you. The crew leader came to Zhang Yans seat to express her thanks on behalf of the crew and to introduce the whole process. Good! Great! There was a lot of applause and praise in the cabin.

A few days ago, I just read on the news that the best time to rescue after a cardiac arrest is Four Golden minutes. A female passenger who witnessed the whole process said, its lucky to meet Dr. Zhang and all the good people!

Listening to applause and praise, Zhang Yan was very happy. Suddenly I feel that what I learned is meaningful and can help others! Zhang Yan is a doctor in Chongqing emergency medical center. The hospital requires every doctor to master CPR skills and be ready to rescue patients at all times. Zhang Yan said that countless times of cardiopulmonary resuscitation study and examination is to prepare for the golden four minutes rescue. After each experience of recovering from the dead, Zhang Yan will feel the joy of helping others, and thanks for the power of knowledge.

Source: responsible editor of Chongqing Morning Post: Dai Wenjia, nb12498