Drunk calls 110 times, harasses and reviles the police officer and is detained for 11 days

 Drunk calls 110 times, harasses and reviles the police officer and is detained for 11 days

Modern Express reporter learned that at about midnight on November 23, Anfeng police station of Donghai County Public Security Bureau received a response from the staff of 110 command center of Donghai County Public Security Bureau, saying that Cui, a man within the jurisdiction of Anfeng police station, called 110 police for more than 40 times in a row, could not explain the cause of the police, harassed and abused the police, seriously encroached on the police resources, and requested the police to deal with it in time and resume the police work Order.

After receiving the instruction, the police of the police station immediately sent out the police, and finally found Cui Mou (male, 35 years old, from Anfeng town) who was the alarm man in the streets of Anfeng town. The police gave explanation and persuasion at the scene. In order to prevent Cui from calling the police, the police then took Cui back to the police station. Im drunk. I cant remember anything. I didnt make any phone calls! After arriving at the police station, at first, Cui said he couldnt remember that he had maliciously called 110 to harass the police receiver. By checking Cuis call records, we found that Cui made 43 consecutive 110 calls between 23:13 on the 22nd and 0:07 on the 23rd. In front of the evidence, Cui finally confessed his malicious phone call.

After drinking a few cups of hot water, Cui gradually sobers up and remembers about that night. Cui explained that on the evening of the 22nd, he bought a plate of cold food and a bottle of white wine and drank alone in the street. I dont know how long Ive been drinking. After a bottle of wine, Im drunk. After that, Cui felt thirsty and went to a fruit shop on the street to buy dates. When I called for the first time, I was drunk and bored and wanted to talk to someone. Then I called three or four times. After that, Cui plans to go to his classmates house near the street to have a rest and wake up. However, he fell down when he walked to a junction on the street because he couldnt control his behavior after drinking. I dont remember how I fell down, as if I was caught in the middle of the road by a car, and then I started calling 110 again. After receiving the alarm, the police reception personnel patiently ask Cui for details and location, and let him pay attention to safety. However, after being drunk, Cui didnt have the patience to answer the questions of the police, instead, he felt that the police were wordy and annoyed, regarding the concern of the police as inhumanity, and with the strength of alcohol, he called the 110 alarm number dozens of times in a row, harassing and abusing the police to vent his worry and dissatisfaction.

Finally, according to the relevant laws and regulations, Cuis behavior has been suspected of causing trouble, and the police gave Cui an administrative detention for 11 days and a fine of 1000 yuan.

The police reminded the general public that it is a serious illegal act to report the police situation and maliciously harass 110. Please cherish the public resources and never try the law by example.

Source: editor in charge of Modern Express: Li Chao, nb12814