The Taiwan government wants to wash out the publishing house of Chinese history

 The Taiwan government wants to wash out the publishing house of Chinese history

Island high school history textbook (Zhongshi electronic newspaper)

On December 3, the radio authorities made a big joke when they revised the high school history syllabus to forcibly wash out Chinese history. Under the guidance of this unrealistic syllabus, publishers cant compile textbooks. The second volume of high school history textbook that will be used in February next year in the island has not passed any versions so far. A book editor said, there is a heart to jump from the building..

Last year, the DPP authorities revised the syllabus to include Chinese history in East Asian History. Their calculation was to force the separation of the historical and cultural links between the two sides through de Sinicization. However, in this empty curriculum, publishers cant make textbooks at all.

According to the Zhongshi electronic news, two months later, the opening day of the next semester will be in the island, but the second volume of high school history has not passed any version so far, because 80% of the content of several versions being submitted for review is still Chinese history, which does not meet the requirements of the new curriculum of the Democratic Progressive Party authorities, replacing Chinese history with East Asian History, Vietnam history, Japan history, South Korea history, etc. are all used to top up There is no Mongolian history at all. Without knowing what the syllabus is about, textbooks cant be compiled. Some editors say that they have never been so frustrated. In the face of booksellers loss, their conscience, public opinion and students right to teach, they have a heart to jump from the building..

According to the report, when the draft history syllabus of Taiwans senior high schools was released in July of the previous year, the theme of the second volume of the introduction was why should we discuss Chinese history in the context of East Asian History, which was criticized by the educational circles. The official syllabus was only adopted in October last year, one year later than other subjects, and the theme of the introduction was changed to China and East Asia.

However, Wu kuncai, a professor at Jiayi University, found that the compilation of Volume 2 of high school history was delayed greatly. At present, all five versions, including Sanmin, Hanlin, Nanyi, Longteng and Taiyu, are still in the second and third trials (Taiwans textbooks are in the fourth trial system). Less than two months before the beginning of next semester, how should teachers prepare for lessons? Wu kuncai said, I cant write the history of East Asia at all. Why dont I honestly say that I am Chinese history?

Zhongshi electronic newspaper satirizes that the history curriculum of the Democratic Progressive party lacks goals and purposes, and its content is empty. It was predicted that it would lose four times at the beginning - booksellers cant write, teachers cant teach, students cant learn, and exams cant be tested. Now its even worse than originally thought. In short, irresponsible syllabus makes the editors, booksellers, teachers, students and the whole people all victims, and only the DPP authorities benefit.

At the beginning, the syllabus was just to wash away the Chinese history, but the book editor is still the original team, who has not joined any new East Asian history talents. Of course, the compilation is not good. It will be very rough, endless and confused. Taiwan media satirized that since the DPP authorities are not satisfied with how to judge, why not compile a unified edition for everyone to see? After all, if you have the ability to make trouble for others, you must have the ability to clean up the mess.

In response to the new curriculum promoted by the DPP authorities, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesman of the Taiwan Affairs Office, once pointed out that forcibly revising the curriculum of senior high school history and incorporating Chinese history into the history of East Asia is another demonstration of the secession of de Sinicization and Taiwan independence in the field of education. It not only poisons the younger generation of Taiwan, but also further destroys cross-strait relations and intensifies cross-strait confrontation. The separatist activities of Taiwan independence will be more forcefully restrained and attacked by compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814