Members of Taiwan green camp operation network wind direction network receive 2000 yuan per month with screenshots

 Members of Taiwan green camp operation network wind direction network receive 2000 yuan per month with screenshots

The picture shows Xie Changting (left), Taiwans representative in Japan, and Yang Huiru, the God of cards on December 3, the so-called mainland spy Wang Liqiang case which was recently heated by the radio authorities ended awkwardly. The DPP also used it to push forward the reverse osmosis law and staged a crude farce. Its extremely ironic that Wang Liqiangs fabricated more than 200000 accounts specifically denouncing the DPP have not been found, but the leader of the green camps online army has been caught.

According to Taiwans Lianhe news network report, recently Taipei Local Security Bureau found out that Yang Huiru, known as Taiwans God of cards, suspected that she was trying to use an account named IDCC to operate the network wind for Taiwans representative in Japan Xie Changting to quibble and point the responsibility to Taiwans Osaka Office, causing Taiwans Osaka Office to be responsible Su Qicheng is responsible for the neglect of life. Yang Huiru system has long been classified as one of the three systems of Tingying online army.

According to reports, the Taipei local prosecutors office indicted two people, Yang and CAI, for insulting the public office and civil servants. The lawsuit pointed out that Yang Huiru, through the line group Kaohsiung group of the communication software, directed the offline Cai fuming, line nicknames Jes, chanhaolu, long and others to post, support and criticize specific articles on social media such as PTT (the common forum for netizens in the Island), or add comments to improve the articles exposure. After that, the members of the group took the screenshot of their message as proof. Yang Huiru paid each person NT $10000 (about NT $2312) a month.

On September 6, 2018, Yang, CAI and others gathered to discuss the incident of Kansai Airport, and published articles derogating from the public power and civil servants of Osaka Office. At 5:57 p.m. that night, they sent articles through the account of IDCC to influence and lead the public opinion through PTT. One minute later, Yang passed the group of Kaohsiung group to instruct the members of the group to push up the articles, which promoted the rapid spread of the articles However, they insulted the Osaka Office and the civil servants. Prosecutors found a large number of screenshots of members of the online army and the information of getting salary from Yang from the seized mobile phone of CAI Nan. They determined that Yang instructed the online army to take the wind of public opinion and indicted CAI as an accomplice.

During the nine in one election in Taiwan in 2018, it was reported that Yang Huiru kept looking for candidates to offer prices, claiming that as long as the candidates spent NT $5 million (about NT $1.16 million) per month, she could mobilize 500 to 1000 PTT head accounts to take the wind. The PTT gossip board immediately announced in August of the same year, referring to Yang Huirus operating multiple accounts, maliciously destroying the trend and order of Kanban, and listed Yang Huirus PTT account slow and separate account as unwelcome users, forbidding further tweeting on the gossip board.

The picture shows Yang Huiru, the God of cards, who once sold his account for NT $5 million with wind direction

In 2020, the leaders of Taiwan elected Han Guoyu, the candidate of Kuomintang, to bombard Tsai authorities let the Cyber Army kill Su Qicheng in Facebook, hoping that the prosecution of the Cyber Armys rumor will not only be a natural start, but also the beginning of Taiwans resistance to cyber bullying and killing and the manipulation of public opinion by the cyber army. Han Guoyu questioned that Cais authorities should make it clear why they allowed these cyber army groups to indirectly kill Su Qicheng in order to escort officials and policies, and thoroughly investigated where such a large amount of money for hiring cyber army came from?

Taiwans Lianhe news network said, the Communist Partys Cyber Army has not yet captured, first captured the green cyber army? In fact, the operation is just the tip of the iceberg, the commentary said. Recently, PTT has made great efforts to rectify the account number of the online army. It has cleaned up thousands of accounts that are suspected to be online army, and there are also enthusiastic netizens who cross check. Most of these online army accounts are related to a specific political party. Most of its tweets and posts support a specific camp and attack other camps. The so-called many cyber armies on the Internet is not groundless, but its just who operates them, which may be different from what you think.

It is commented that the DPP has spoken of co espionage and mainland Cyber Army , but in fact, the DPP itself is the major Cyber Army, making use of the anonymity and rapid spread of the Internet to create public opinion. The DPP has formulated a reverse osmosis law which says that it should grasp the infiltration of hostile forces into Taiwan. As a result, it used its cyber army to create false public opinions in Taiwan.

Mr. Yang Huiru, the God of cards, has made millions of new Taiwan dollars from the bank in two months because of the eight times bonus of credit card, online auction and TV shopping gift certificate discount. He is known as the hero in the hearts of card friends and God of cards by the media. The earliest relationship between Yang Huiru and Xie Changting can be traced back to 2008. At that time, Xie Changting competed for the leaders of Taiwan on behalf of the Democratic Progressive Party. Yang Huiru was invited to join the campaign team and served as the teams network chief executive, known as Xie Changtings child soldier, and also a representative of green camp network operation.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814