Media: are the dead mandarin ducks born criminals with seven lives on their backs?

 Media: are the dead mandarin ducks born criminals with seven lives on their backs?

The antisocial personality of Lao Rongzhi and FA Ziying

Looking back, faziying and Lao Rongzhi met at a wedding. Faziying, a local gangster in Jiujiang, was sentenced for robbery. But Lao Rongzhi just graduated from normal school to work, is a local primary school teacher, and slim, good-looking. No one could have expected the combination of the two men, but it opened up a century of karma for killing people.

In 1995, Fazi Ying left Jiujiang with Lao Rongzhi and went to Shenzhen. The post judicial authorities found that from 1996 to 1999, the two committed kidnapping, extortion, robbery and other crimes in Nanchang and other places by means of sexual inducement, killing seven people before and after. They seek wealth as well as life. They are extremely vicious. They do not leave any living after committing crimes.

According to media reports, Lu Zhongming, one of the victims, was brought back by faziying at random from the market in order to prove to another victim who was kidnapped and blackmailed that he dared to kill.

In 1999, faziying was arrested by the police and executed when they committed a crime in Hefei. According to the memories of the parties, in court, when the judge asked faziying if he wanted to repent, faziying said he had not.

And Lao Rongzhi, after being arrested, even made people feel more frightened. In her face, there was no guilt or regret, as if the social morality and the concept of the rule of law had completely failed her. Therefore, the view of natural criminal was raised again according to their looks.

The theory of natural criminal comes from the Italian scholar chesary longboroso, who is honored as the father of modern criminology. Long was originally a military surgeon and later transferred to a mental hospital and served as a prison prison doctor. Through medical empirical research, long found that some physiological and psychological characteristics of criminals are different from ordinary people. For example, in terms of physiological characteristics, the natural criminals jaw is extremely developed, the chin is protruding upward, there are fleshy folds on the cheek, there are fish tail lines outside the corner of the eye, etc. For example, in the psychological characteristics, criminals are born with a lack of pain, sharp vision, sick vanity, easily angered, superstitious and so on. Based on the above research, Longshi put forward the theory of natural criminal.

According to the theory, the physiological and psychological characteristics determine that some people are born with the nature of crime, and this kind of people will inevitably commit crime in society. For them, crime is not their own choice, but innate.

However, this view has been widely criticized both in logic and in practical cases. Its not hard to imagine that if the theory of born criminal is really scientific, in the development of science and technology today, we can easily find and prevent crime by using face recognition and other scientific and technological means. But for the moment, its probably out of the blue.

There are still social reasons behind antisocial personality

In recent years, in every vicious case, many people will mention the theory of born criminal. Indeed, some criminal suspects in vicious cases have antisocial personality that is difficult to understand by ordinary people. When such antisocial personality cannot be reasonably explained, it will usually be attributed to natural crime.

But in fact, this kind of attribution not only dispels the criminals subjective malice to a certain extent, but also hinders peoples in-depth exploration of the causes of crime.

From the information disclosed at present, faziyings crime may be related to his growth track full of misdeeds. After only three years of primary school, faziying dropped out of school. At the age of 15, faziying was sentenced to three years labor and education for robbing hooligans. Soon after he came out, he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for robbery and injury, and later changed to 8 years.

After being arrested, he confessed during the interrogation by the police that he was the one who had kidnapped this bowl of rice, just like taking killing as a profession, making money requires all means, and killing is just for killing the mouth. It can be said that the lack of education led faziying teenagers astray, and they became more and more deeply trapped in the road of crime, self strengthening, and finally became a very cruel murderer.

But Lao Rongzhis criminal road is different. She received a good education and became a teacher after graduation. When he was only 19 years old, Lao Rongzhi got to know the method of going to jail and admired and fell in love with him.

It can be said that the wrong outlook on life and love when he was young and frivolous made Lao Rongzhi fall into the mire of joint crime with faziying until the end of his life. Lao Rongzhis cruelty can be said to be subservient. Not only her old neighbors, but also her alumni when she was studying in the secondary school, were shocked and unbelievable by Lao Rongzhis crime. In that year, the scientific and technological level of crime detection was limited, and the number of crimes increased relatively, which was the background.

Therefore, it cant be concluded that this is a natural criminal for the dead mandarin ducks only by their looks, but in them, we can clearly see that the family, education and three outlooks in adolescence have an important impact on the life trajectory. And an environment that upholds the rule of law, has laws to abide by, and enforces laws strictly can also play a timely role in rectifying life.

In a word, in the era of relying on big data, investigation technology and information technology, Lao Rongzhi will show the tail of a fox one day. It will be helpful for the legal education and the construction of the legal environment to dig the root of the crime rather than simply define it as the murderer devil.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Dai Wenjia, nb12498