After the Chinese spy farce, Australia still spends a lot of money on anti spy Hua Chunying: absurd

 After the Chinese spy farce, Australia still spends a lot of money on anti spy Hua Chunying: absurd

It is reported that the working group will be led by senior officials of the Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO), enjoy greater intelligence sharing among the highest level agencies and provide strategic advice to the Australian government. According to AFP, Australian Prime Minister Morrison said at a press conference on the 2nd that the working group will involve all top intelligence agencies in Australia, in order to destroy and stop anyone who attempts to undermine our national interests, and intelligence agencies will be able to coordinate with the federal police to identify, prosecute or expel foreign agents.

Australias move comes against the backdrop of the embarrassing ending of the Chinese spy Wang Liqiangs defection case which has been hotly hyped by Australian intelligence agencies and media recently, but the Australian government still believes in the judgment of intelligence agencies on foreign interference. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) commented Tuesday that the establishment of the working group is due to the accusations against Chinese espionage, the pressure and influence on Australian political parties, and the cyber attacks on universities and federal institutions, which have attracted more and more attention to national security.

Some departments, media and scholars in Australia recently questioned Wang Liqiangs espionage case which was fired last week, saying that he was trying to use false testimony in exchange for political asylum or residency. Hua Chunying said on Tuesday that the emergence of these phenomena is really amazing. There are so many people who would rather believe in individual liars with ulterior motives than the authoritative news released by China. Wang Liqiangs case is just one of them. It seems to be stupid, but the problems reflected in it are very serious and deserve everyones consideration and vigilance. We hope that the relevant parties will learn from it, abandon prejudice, respect the facts and refrain from such low-level mistakes.

Australian media on Tuesday seem to have forgotten Wang Liqiang and turned to a new hype point: Yang Jun, an Australian arrested by China on suspicion of espionage. According to several media reports, Yang Jun was tortured in Chinese custody and tried in chains. Australian Foreign Minister Payne issued a statement Tuesday, saying he was seriously concerned about Yangs detention in Beijing, saying his detention was unacceptable..

Hua said: we have stated Chinas principled position on this case many times. Chinas state security organs handle cases according to law and fully protect the rights of the parties. The person you mentioned, as far as I know, is in good health and does not have the so-called torture problem.

Source: editor in charge of Global Times: Dai Wenjia, nb12498