Murderers appointed by the Democratic Progressive Party committee as important Kuomintang officials: highlighting the cruelty of human nature

 Murderers appointed by the Democratic Progressive Party committee as important Kuomintang officials: highlighting the cruelty of human nature

According to Taiwans United News Network on the 3rd, Liao Jibin held a press conference on the afternoon of the 2nd to reveal that Yang Zhenlong, the murderer who cut off Jiang Xins head with an axe in 1969, was appointed as the curator of the 228 memorial hall. Liao Jibin said that he wanted to ask Su Zhenchang, the executive dean. Su once said that Wang Jingyu was suspected of being the murderer of xiaobulbi. In front of his mother, people who cut off the head of their child are not allowed to do so. Is it possible for people who cut off the head of their teacher in front of their classmates?

Cai Zhengyuan, Deputy Secretary General of the Kuomintang. (source: from Cai Zhengyuans Facebook)

Cai Zhengyuan, deputy secretary-general of the Kuomintang, said in a post on social media that it is estimated that Cai Ying Wen and Su Zhenchangs answer is not only to accommodate, but also to have Yang as the head of this high-level Memorial Hall. This CAI authority is really a symbol of ferocity!

Cai Zhengyuan pointed out that Yang Zhenlong returned to the society after only seven years detention. Because of his long-term support for the DPP, he was entrusted with heavy responsibilities. Cai Zhengyuan also said that in fact, Yang Zhenlong is good at any profession, but he prefers to engage in the 22.8 issue, but 22.8 is a tragedy and a historical reflection topic. Cai Yingwen and Su Zhenchang not only did not nominate historical scholars as curators of the 22.8 memorial hall, but also nominated a drug dealer for this position. This druggist is a murderous killer who kills the teachers head in front of the whole class. Do Cai Yingwen and Su Zhenchang want to use this appointment to highlight the cruelty of human nature?

To this end, island netizens have questioned the DPPs employment standards, employment does not ask character? No justice? As long as you support me to bite the Kuomintang, you can use it?

More netizens sarcastically said, of course (Yang) can (when), cut his girlfriend to gut outflow can be Secretary reform committee members! Whats the matter with cutting your head?

As the netizen points out, this is not the first time Cais administration has been questioned about the standard of employment. Liu Beiyuan, the youngest insurance lawyer in Taiwan, followed his girlfriend and her mother in anger on August 23, 2007, according to a previous report in Taiwans Zhongshi electronic news. In front of his girlfriends mother, Liu cut 23 knives at her girlfriend and died. Liu was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison. At that time, judge Lin Jingfen, the then chief judge, told the prosecutor to reserve a talent for Taiwan and let him do more for Taiwan and society to make up for his mistakes after he was released from prison. Sure enough, in 2017, Liu, who was released on parole for less than three years, became the Secretary reform committee member of CAIs administration. In addition to Liu Beiyuan, Cai Yings secretary reform team also has two people with bad criminal record.

The DPPs employment has fallen to the point of only blue and green, no morality ? Taiwans Lianhe daily once published an editorial questioning Cais employment standards. The article pointed out that the ruling authorities only asked about color and faction, but not ability and profession, which led to the smell of compensation and Favoritism in public office, but no progress in overall economic construction.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Li Chao, nb12814