70 year old man stabbed in front of his house suspect holding the baby while escaping

 70 year old man stabbed in front of his house suspect holding the baby while escaping

An old man was stabbed and killed at the door of his home in 170 days in Fujian Province. The suspect was suspected of holding a child when he escaped (source: video synthesis)

On the evening of November 30, an owner was stabbed to death when he came home to close the window when a murder happened in Sansheng Tuscany community of Fuzhou high tech Zone.


When the owner comes home and closes the window, he meets the suspect

Stabbed in the fight

Mr. Chen, the owner, told haidujun that the deceased had been living in the villa area with his children all the time. Later, he bought a high-rise suite. He usually had dinner with his children and returned to the newly purchased suite after dinner. Unexpectedly, something happened.

The owner Mr. Lin told reporters, the surname of the deceased is Yan, about 70 years old. At about 7:00 p.m. on November 30, due to the rain, the deceased went back to his new home to close the window after eating at his daughters home. At the door, he happened to meet a strange man who was suspected of stealing, and both sides had physical impulses.

The next day after the incident, no one answered the familys phone calls. They came to the new house to check and found that something had happened.

The family members of the dead suspect that the murderer may be following the dead and committing murder in the house. The injured parts of the dead are all on the neck. The screwdriver is directly inserted into the neck.

The wife of the dead told the reporter that the dead loved to be clean at ordinary times, so they would definitely change their slippers when entering the house, but when they were found, they were well dressed, bracelets were put aside, and mobile phones were robbed, so no one answered the call.

Mr. Chen, the owner, told reporters, after the incident, the police transferred the surveillance. I saw in the video that the suspect was not tall, carrying a huge black schoolbag and a child about 1 year old, and left downstairs from the elevator. Mr. Chen recalled that the child was very small and didnt look like the owners child.

Place of incident


Cooperating with the police to investigate and collect evidence

The access control system of the community will be upgraded

It is reported that the incident floor is located on the 15th floor, and a cordon has been set up at the scene, and a security guard is responsible for guarding. The police are investigating and collecting evidence at the scene. The family members of the deceased believe that the reason for this tragedy is also closely related to the inadequate property management.

Many owners report to reporters that the security of the community is weak, and foreign personnel enter and leave at will. The reporter visited the scene and learned that there are 5 gates in the community, and the outsiders can enter and leave at will. The security personnel at the gate of the community did not block the inquiry.

Villa area gate of the incident area

Chen, manager of Sansheng Tuscany property, said that the camera in the front room had just broken down in recent days and could be transferred to the previous monitoring. Only in these two days did something unusual happen and it had been repaired during the interview.

They are currently cooperating with the police in investigation and evidence collection, communicating with their families in a timely manner and providing corresponding support. The property will upgrade all access control systems of the community as soon as the owner reflects the access control and security problems of the community.

At present, the police are investigating the case further.

Source: responsible editor of Straits Metropolis Daily: Dai Wenjia, nb12498