The owner paid 290000 yuan for the parking space, but was told to pay a fine for parking in the parking space

 The owner paid 290000 yuan for the parking space, but was told to pay a fine for parking in the parking space

A parking space may be more expensive than a car

Recently, there are 19 floor users Tucao.

Paying for the whole parking lot is a fine

No parking for 290000

Netizen @ the shadow of feather

In Gongshu District of Hangzhou, there is a new building just delivered at the end of October this year, called Chunqiu Huating. There is a parking space that an owner paid 290000 yuan in April, 2018, which is actually a fire passage! Unfortunately, this owner is me

Behind the parking space is a passage, connected to a door, and the push open door is the elevator hall. Behind the parking space is a large fire hydrant window, and beside the parking space are warning signs of emergency exit. I suspect its the fire passage. I asked the developers to report it n times. They refused to deal with it.

However, when the house was closed at the end of October, I complained to the fire brigade, and my guess was completely established. Gongshu District Fire Brigade made it clear that the location of the parking space is the fire passage. Once parked, it will hinder the evacuation of the fire passage. They suggested that the developer cancel the parking space and let me record it as evidence.

I contact the developer to ask for a refund and return the interest of my parking fee. Isnt that too much? 290000, 18 months interest. If it is suspected of fraud, it will be dealt with as fraud. The owner of the same property also asked me to refund one to three. The developer only agrees to change the parking space without any compensation.

Would you like to change from Wulin gate to suburb? Is the cost of fault so low? Hope that the majority of netizens for me, how to protect rights?

Behind the parking lot is the fire hydrant and the safe passage

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@M9: three for one, you can quit and fight a lawsuit.

@Zhang Zhongwu: its only right to sue one. Its obviously a fraud.

Most expensive in Hong Kong! HK $7.6 million for a parking space in Central Hong Kong

According to Hong Kong, Hong Kong Senior investor Zhang Shunyi disclosed to the media that he recently sold a single side parking space on B1 floor of the central hub for 7.6 million yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below). In addition to market acquisition projects, the transaction price is a new high price for similar properties in Hong Kong.

33 year old Shanghai male teacher set fire to millions of Land Rover and ran away

At that time, there was a pile of construction waste in front of the left side of the Land Rover. The flames ignited the waste, and then it burned to the Land Rover in a flash. The smoke billowed. The flames shot up to two floors high, and the residential building was next to it.

Seeing this, they did not help put out the fire or fight 119, but turned around and fled the scene. In this way, after the firefighters came to put out the fire, the front of the Land Rover car has been burned, the front wheels and the parts under the engine hood have all been melted, and the body of the car has been blackened, which can be said to be a tragedy.

Why is the gap of 65 million shared parking spaces still not warm?

In addition, the charging price of shared parking facilities shall be determined by the supplier and the demander through voluntary consultation. For non operating parking facilities providing shared parking spaces, parking fees can be charged according to the agreement, and the fees are used to share the management cost of shared parking spaces.