Two major theme parks in Hong Kong with few visitors

 Two major theme parks in Hong Kong with few visitors

Infographic: Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disneyland: a number of activities will be affected and preferential customers will be attracted

At 3:30 p.m. on December 2, the tour performance of Hong Kong Disneyland changed from a crowded view to an unobstructed view; the amusement facilities were almost free to play and the waiting time varied from 5 minutes to 20 minutes; the restaurants were also cold and there was no need to occupy seats for meals.

Many local tourists said they avoided talking about the current social chaos and were afraid of affecting their mood. Miss Liu, a citizen with an annual ticket, said the number of visitors to the park in recent months was significantly less than in the same period in the past. The cracg family of Australian tourists planned to go to Hong Kong more than half a year ago. They have been concerned about the situation in Hong Kong in recent months, even before departure, they are very worried about the safety of Hong Kong.

Ms. Li and her party, a Shenzhen tourist, visited Hong Kong Disneyland for 2 days. She said that this trip is different from the usual arrangement of transportation. Based on safety considerations, she specially reserved a private car to and from Shenzhen and the park directly.

She has visited the park many times, and felt that the flow of people on December 2 was a lot less, which was in strong contrast with the past grand occasion. She added that since her eldest daughter lived in Hong Kong, she had visited Hong Kong at least three or four times in the past month, but only once in a few months after the storm of revision in June As a tourist, she said, there is less popularity for Disneyland and less enjoyment even though it is convenient to play.

According to the data of Hong Kong Tourism Development Bureau, the decline of visitors continued to expand. In October, the number of visitors to Hong Kong fell by 43.7% to about 3.31 million, while the number of visitors from the mainland dropped by about 46%; the number of visitors from Thailand, South Korea and Singapore also dropped by more than half. In addition, many activities of Disneyland are also affected by violence, including Jay Chous solo singing, which was scheduled to be held in December, will be postponed, and the Countdown Party on New Years Eve at the end of the month will be cancelled.

Hong Kong Disneyland said that the park, together with the Hong Kong tourism industry, has been affected by recent events. The park will pay close attention to the latest market situation and launch a number of tickets, hotels and catering concessions from time to time. We look forward to and welcome guests from all over the world.

Map: Hong Kong Ocean Park.

Ocean Park: will not give up the mainland market and will promote new projects

Hong Kong Ocean Park also faces severe challenges in recent months. Li Shengzong, the first Chinese chief executive of Ocean Park, who will retire in the middle of 2020, described the situation as not sure when it will be over (I dont know when it will be over) and estimated that the recovery time will be longer.

Li Shengzong pointed out that in the past 10 years, in addition to Hong Kong Disneyland, theme parks in Asia have been completed continuously, and the competition between theme parks and aquariums in the mainland has increased rapidly from about 10 to more than 200, which is very fierce. In addition, theme parks need to continue to develop and add new scenic spots to attract tourists, and they need to actively plan. Therefore, although social events have made the operation of the park severe, they still need to continue Only by strengthening the planning can we maintain the competitive advantage and inject new power into the recovery of tourism in the future.

Li Shengzong said that the park has recently carried out preferential promotion and local tourists have increased year by year, but the increase is still difficult to make up for the loss of other tourists.

At present, the park has deployed new projects and promotion, accelerating the introduction of new tourist sources including India, Southeast Asia, etc. He stressed that we will not give up the mainland market, especially the middle-class people in the mainland, who have a huge demand for leisure and entertainment.

Li Shengzong pointed out that Haiyuan is about to launch a number of new projects. In addition to the Christmas celebration, a new mobile game will be launched in the day. The night lighting performance light and shadow in the night will be integrated into the water curtain projection and fireworks effects. It will be launched in January 2020. In addition, the new animals introduced in the park, fox mongrel and elephant tortoise, will also meet with tourists.

Looking forward to the future, Li Shengzong said that he had made development plans in multiple markets earlier to cope with future tourism trends and tourists needs, and found three major inspirations, including escape, connect and memorable. Interviewees expected to escape from the hustle and bustle in the park, connect with different generations of people, and have more fight card positions to bring unforgettable memories This is the future direction of the park, but it needs to be reached by the new CEO.

Hong Kong retail sales continued to decline sharply in October, the biggest one month decline

According to the press release, the total retail sales in Hong Kong in October 2019 were temporarily estimated at 30.1 billion yuan (Hong Kong dollars, the same below), down 24.3% year on year. Total retail sales for the first 10 months of 2019 are temporarily estimated to fall by 9.0%.

Hong Kong Airlines financial situation deteriorated rapidly

The recent financial problems of Hong Kong Airlines have deteriorated rapidly. The Hong Kong air transport licensing authority has decided to attach the financial level required by the licensing authority in the past as one of the conditions for the companys license. If the Hong Kong Airlines fail to improve before the deadline, the licensing authority may revoke or temporarily revoke its license. The relevant decision will be announced before December 7.