Girls face to face sexual assault on their is members: you ruined my life

 Girls face to face sexual assault on their is members: you ruined my life

On Tuesday, the Iraqi government created a historic picture of ashwaq Haji Hamid, who was kidnapped and sold as a sex slave by the extremist group Islamic state, confronting Abu humam, who tortured her for her sexual assault. During that time, Ashwa was very emotional and asked huma why she had ruined her life. At last, she fainted to the ground.

The heartbreaking picture was broadcast live on Iraqi television nationwide and then widely on social media.

In 2014, is militants occupied the Yazidi community in the Sinjar region of Iraq, killing thousands of Yazidi people and even abducting girls for sexual slavery. At that time, Ashwa was only 14 years old.

In an interview with Iraqi television, Ashwa said, I was about 14 years old when I was arrested by is terrorist organizations and we arrived in Syria at midnight, where is terrorists separated all girls over the age of 9 from their relatives.

Ashwa said after that they were taken to Mosul. We stayed there for three days and the is members will come to see us. They give us to others as gifts or sell us cheaply.

Ashwa describes how Abu huma, a member of is, chose her and grabbed her hair.. I didnt expect them to sexually invade us because I was only 14, Ashwa said. He always promised to let me go, but later he sexually assaulted me three times a day, hitting me three or four times. Im just a kid.

After fleeing Iraq, Ashwa began a new life in Europe. But last year, Ashwa said he had met huma in the streets of Stuttgart, Germany, and was threatened by him. He stopped me and said he knew my current address..

In a panic, Ashwa chose to return to Iraq and live in a refugee camp with his father.

Now with the arrest of huma, the Iraqi government on Tuesday (November 26) created an opportunity to confront Ashwa in front of huma in yellow prison uniform on national television.

In front of the camera, the brave Ashwa asks huma to look up, look her in the eyes and ask her questions:

Why are you doing this to me? Just because Im Yazidi? When you sexually assaulted me, I was only 14 years old!

Do you still have human nature? Do you have any glory? I was 14 at that time, as old as your children! As old as your sister!

Ashwa continued, crying, you have ruined my life, taken away everything from me, and my dream has come to nothing..

Ashwa said, I was in iss hands, your hands, now its your turn. You will know what is torture and loneliness.

After all, Ashwa fainted from grief.

The confrontation was widely spread on social media twitter. Some netizens pointed out that during the whole confrontation, huma didnt even dare to look into Ashwas eyes. Some netizens also said that they hoped that the confrontation and humas imprisonment would bring some comfort to Ashwas body and mind and put an end to the kidnapping and sexual assault.

According to the UN news network in 2018, at least 10000 of the 400000 Yazidis living in Sinjar were killed or kidnapped. More than 6400 Yazidis were enslaved and transported to is prisons and military camps in Eastern Syria and northern Iraq, where they were raped, beaten and trafficked, mainly women and children. So far, thousands of people are still missing.

Source: responsible editor of observer network: Li Chao, nb12814