The murdered carpenters wife will claim from Lao Rongzhi: its hard to understand her hatred to beat her

 The murdered carpenters wife will claim from Lao Rongzhi: its hard to understand her hatred to beat her

In the past 20 years, Zhu Yan has been living by farming and cleaning, raising three children and waiting for faziying and laorongzhifufa. Now, when Lao Rongzhi is arrested in Xiamen, Zhu Yan puts forward two ideas to Liu Jingjie, an acting lawyer: one is to put Lao Rongzhi to law; the other is to bring an incidental civil action to Lao Rongzhi.

Zhu Yan said in Lawyer Liu Jingjies office that her husband could finally close his eyes

Twenty years ago: after her husband left work, there was no news

In winter, its chilly in Hefei. Zhu Yan, 49, is wearing a dark down jacket with wrinkles on her face. The thought of him broke my heart. When it comes to her husband, Zhu Yan is in tears. we got married in 1992. He has a very thin heart, a lively personality and is full of everything. In front of our house, no one said he was bad.

Zhu Yan tells Liu Jingjie about her 20 years of life in her lawyers office. She said her husband could finally close his eyes.

Zhu Yan told Xinan evening news, and Da Wan client reporters that in 1999, she took her children in her hometown of Changfeng and her husband worked as a carpenter in Hefei. He usually went home for a look in the early hours after work in three or five days.

He is a dutiful son who is also very responsible for his family. The last time I saw him was on the second day of June (1999 lunar calendar). He told me that he and his colleagues would go to Hefei for a project. Zhu Yan said that her husband had a pager at that time, and she told him, youre easy to do, and theres no work at home. Ill call you when I have something. He said: you take good care of grandma and your family.

But Zhu Yan could not imagine that her husband never went home after he left. After eleven days, he didnt come back, so I was very surprised. Grandma also felt strange. At first, Zhu Yan thought her husband was busy, so he didnt go home for a long time. then 20 days later, he didnt go home. Grandma said you want to have a look. But I couldnt walk away with three children, so I kept waiting at home.

Meet the murderer and be brutally killed

After about a month, her husband still didnt go home and couldnt get in touch with her. Zhu Yan began to have an ominous premonition, so she asked neighbors for help to find out where her husband was.

My neighbor found a carpenter at the place where he worked on Luan road in Hefei. The carpenter said that he (referring to Zhu Yans husband) seemed to have something wrong, and suggested that he go to the public security bureau to ask. Later, relatives went to the Public Security Bureau and said that Lu had died. Zhu Yan choked. At first, her relatives didnt dare to tell her and the old man. Later, they went to the childs aunt to identify the body. after the final confirmation, I was told. It was August at that time. I was all broken down. He was the pillar of our family!

The reporter saw in the civil judgment attached to the criminal case of Hefei middle court that, in the afternoon of July 22, 1999, after faziying and Lao Rongzhi cheated Yin into kidnapping his rental house, in order to make Yin believe that he was the kidnapper and hand over the property as soon as possible, faziying, in the name of carpentry work, tricked Lu, a small carpenter, into the rental house and bound it, stabbed Lus back with a sharp knife on the spot And put the corpse in the freezer. According to forensic identification, Lu Zhongming died of acute massive blood loss caused by puncturing the left common carotid artery, the right head arm trunk and the lung, and the head trunk was separated.

At the funeral home in Hefei, Zhu Yan suddenly fainted after seeing her husbands body. This year, the grandmother of the child is nearly 70 years old. Among the three children, the eldest is 7 years old, the second is 4 years old and the third is 3 years old.

Twenty years: raising three children, waiting for Lao Rongzhi

What about the next days? Zhu Yan once thought of one death, but her three children are not yet adults. Faziying and Lao Rongzhi have not been brought to justice. She is not willing to die. There are still eight or nine mu of land in my family. I farm and keep clean. Zhu Yan said that she would live, raise her children and discuss for her husband.

On July 23, 1999, faziying was arrested by Hefei police and executed on December 28.

When faziying was in Hefei middle court, I saw him, but he sat far away from me. From 1:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., I sat in a daze. When I went home, I didnt even know the way. I was in a trance. Zhu Yan said that she had a serious illness that year. When she learned that faziying had been executed, she cried, the murderer finally got the retribution.

In the past 20 years, Zhu Yan has lived a hard life with three children. She works three shifts a day and only has one day off every week. When she doesnt go to work, she farms and takes care of the children.

When I was a child, the children asked me, why do other people have fathers, and we dont? I said, your father is asleep in Hefei. I didnt tell them until they were in junior high school, your father was killed by bad people . Zhu Yan said that the murder of her husband has caused harm to the hearts of the children. But when the children know the truth, they try not to mention her husband in front of her, so as not to hurt her.

For 20 years, Lao Rongzhi has absconded. Every year, Zhu Yan will find an agent lawyer, Liu Jingjie, to ask: has Lao Rongzhi been caught? But every time I was disappointed. At that time, the eldest sister (referring to Lawyer Liu Jingjie) provided us with legal aid and donated money to our family. She helped us a lot. I said to my elder sister, now that we are all old, whether this matter will go away with us, I dont want to. Zhu Yan said that just four years ago, her grandmother died with regret.

Will claim for compensation from Lao Rongzhi and comfort her husband

On November 28, 2019, Lao Rongzhi was arrested in Xiamen. On the afternoon of November 29, after Zhu Yan got off work, her little son put his hand on her shoulder and gently called Mom and then stopped talking.

I asked, whats the matter with you. He said, my dad then there was no talk. Zhu Yan was puzzled. She felt that her son wanted to say something to her. before going to the grave, you mentioned what your father did. He said, mom, your wish for more than 20 years has finally come, and that branch has been found. I said: her name is Lao Rongzhi.

I cant cry. I havent slept all night. Ive been waiting for 20 years! Zhu Yan told reporters that that night seemed to come back more than 20 years ago, and scenes of her husbands life appeared in her mind. She has kept information about her husbands case, hoping to wait until the day when Lao Rongzhi is brought to justice.

On December 1, because she was going to work, she asked the children to burn paper at her husbands grave and told him that Lao Rongzhi had been arrested. Now, he can finally close his eyes.

On December 2, Zhu Yan once again came to Lawyer Liu Jingjies office, and she put forward two ideas: one is to tie Lao Rongzhi to the law, and the other is to prepare to bring an incidental civil lawsuit to Lao Rongzhi.

Liu Jingjie told reporters that when the faziying murder case was tried in the Hefei middle court, the carpenters wife had filed an incidental civil action, claiming compensation including death compensation, child support, old peoples support and so on totaling 140000 yuan. The court held that the claim for civil compensation made by the plaintiff and agent in the incidental civil action was reasonable, but in view of the fact that the defendant faziying had no actual capacity for compensation, faziying was exempted from compensation.

Now, Lao Rongzhi is in the case. After the investigation is completed and transferred for prosecution, in view of the huge economic and spiritual losses caused to the victims family by the defendants criminal behavior, the victim has the right to file an incidental civil action according to law, but whether the compensation can be realized depends on whether Lao Rongzhi has the ability to make compensation. Liu Jingjie said that maybe the case will be tried in Nanchang, and the victim will be informed at that time, so many years, it is her (little carpenters wife) wish to bring the murderer to the law. There was no compensation for the money, which was also a barrier in her heart.

He was killed for no reason. Ill give him a story. Zhu Yan said, if you see Lao Rongzhi in court, I want to ask her, he has no grievance or hatred with you, why do you do this? even if I slapped her twice in the past, I couldnt understand my hatred.

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