Exposure of life details of Lao Rongzhi: the neighborhood is high-end community

 Exposure of life details of Lao Rongzhi: the neighborhood is high-end community

Screenshot of the wechat conversation between Lao Rongzhi and a Qiang.

There are many high-grade houses around the residence

According to the Beijing News, from 2016 to 2017, Lao Rongzhi, under the pseudonym of Sydney, hid in the true love bar beside Yuandang lake, Siming District, Xiamen City as a customer service to sell drinks to customers and earn commission. Staff of the bar said that there are many customer services like Sydney, but all of them are Chinese names, only her English name is sherry, we call her Sydney, she is very popular, and her performance is very high..

After leaving the bar, Lao Rongzhi works in the watch counter on the first floor of a shopping mall in Xiamen. Police confirmed that the counter was operated by a friend of Lao Rongzhi. Since 2019, Lao Rongzhi has visited the counter many times to find friends and help look after the business. In the middle of November, my friend asked Lao Rongzhi to come to the counter for help because he had been away for many days. On November 28, Lao Rongzhi was arrested.

The staff of the bar said Lao Rongzhi was the only one who gave himself an English name. Bars often have foreigners in and out. A simple English name is obviously easier to remember than a Chinese name.

On the other side of the street of true love bar are the headquarters of several commercial banks, and the surrounding areas are mostly high-end residential areas. The whole block is quiet. Many foreigners gather here. Western style simple meal and coffee supply are indispensable. Therefore, the coffee Street has gradually formed.

During his stay in the bar, Lao Rongzhi would bring his dog and tie it outside the door. The staff speculated that she should not live too far with her dog. After identifying her photos, several local residents confirmed that they had seen her in this area. Several residents said, I met her here the other day and walked on the road in slippers..

There are many high-end houses around the residence, with elegant environment. Yuandang lake is quiet. People often come to fish on weekends. Western restaurant and coffee shop are the most shops in this block. The supermarket of imported goods and dry cleaning shop constitute the life map of Sydney.

A supermarket employee in the block said, she often comes to buy things and lives near here..

Once sold cars in 4S shop

After leaving the true love bar, Lao Rongzhi once sold cars in a brand 4S shop. On December 2, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted ah Qiang (pseudonym), a guest of Sydney in the bar of true love, she came to the table to make achievements, and (I) charged some money, so they added wechat.

A Qiang said that in May 2017, Sydney sent a wechat message that she was selling cars for a 4S store of an automobile brand and invited him to watch them. If the price is similar, handsome men must take care of it. only when handsome men are in urgent need of support can they have confidence to stay in the automobile industry. . A Qiang didnt go. After that, they didnt get in touch with each other, but Sydney sometimes sent out some messages of praise and bargaining.

In the process of sales promotion, whether for drinks or cars, Sydney often sends wechat to customers. On January 26, 2017, before New Years Eve, a Qiang received a wechat from Sydney, tomorrow is new years Eve, Sherry wishes you all friends and relatives in advance, have contact No contact Worship the early years , followed by a string of blessings with a variety of expressions, the ending of the text content is momorda .

On December 2, a reporter from Beijing News visited the 4S shop on the spot. The shop is located in a well-known local automobile theme park, which integrates office building and residence. There are many shops for automobile sales, cleaning and maintenance in the park. It was rebuilt and renovated to meet the BRICs conference, and its appearance is very new. The staff of the 4S shop introduced to the reporter of the new Beijing news that if they could bring customers to buy a car, the shop would give an introduction fee of about 500 yuan.

Recently, the news of Sydneys fall came that a Qiangs reaction was only two words terrible.

Lao Rongzhi was arrested in a shopping mall in Xiamen. She works in the watch counter on the first floor of the shopping mall. Several businesses in the mall told the Beijing news that the owner of the watch counter was a middle-aged man. Some businesses had heard that Lao Rongzhi said the two were male and female friends.

At present, there is no exact information to fully outline the 20-year escape trajectory of Lao Rongzhi. Before her arrest, she used to work in the true love bar, a 4S shop of an automobile brand, and a watch counter in a shopping mall. The three places are all about 6km apart, forming a triangle, forming the life map of Lao Rongzhi here, and quietly hiding in the main urban area of Xiamen City.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Dai Wenjia, nb12498