Shuidi said offline service was suspended: the highest monthly salary for consultants was 12000

 Shuidi said offline service was suspended: the highest monthly salary for consultants was 12000

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On November 30, 2019, pear video released the video undercover water drop fund-raising for hospital building sweeping: high salary + performance appraisal, and many audit loopholes, which triggered hot discussion on online fund-raising among netizens.

It is reported that the online fund-raising platform water drop fund-raising has stationed local promotion personnel in hospitals in more than 40 cities. They often call themselves volunteers and guide patients to raise funds one by one. Volunteers fill in the amount of donation at will, do not check or even conceal the property status of the helpers, and lack supervision on the purpose of donation.

Who are these Fundraising Volunteers? What role do they play in online fundraising?

According to the pear video, volunteers perform carpet sweeps of the hospital every day, claiming that it takes only half an hour to help patients raise money online, including using templates to write the story of the helpers. Each volunteer should make at least 35 orders a month, with a maximum Commission of 150 yuan per order.

It is reported that in the stage of launching crowdfunding, the management of water drop financing is relatively loose, and it is relatively strict at the stage of cash withdrawal, requiring the family members of patients to provide asset certificates.

Xiaohe, a netizen, told the interface news that her grandmother was in ICU due to a car accident. When her family was worried about the cost of the operation, a kind-hearted water drop volunteer came to the ward. The volunteer told them that their family could start crowdfunding online, so the family quickly launched crowdfunding under the guidance of volunteers. At present, grandma is still in ICU No, crowdfunding is still waiting for cash.

Netizen Yang Xiaoyun is a fundraising volunteer of SDF. According to her introduction to the interface news, the SDF platform has KPI requirements for volunteers, and the assessment system is also very strict, and the last one is eliminated. The public welfare service that used to help others to raise money is gradually commercialized. Volunteers who helped patients raise more than 2000 yuan can only get a commission. Now, most of the patients compliance rate is only about 70%, and the remaining 30% patients cant even raise 2000 yuan. In addition, there were even volunteers fighting in the hospital to rob patients.

We have also been taught a set of dialogue skills among volunteers. We need to make patients willing to initiate crowdfunding, and let them feel that volunteers really think for them. Said Yang Xiaoyun.

In the afternoon of November 30, the official microblog of waterdrop research released a statement on offline fund-raising consultant, saying that the offline service team was suspended in an all-round way, the similar violations were rectified, the learning was organized again, and the service could be provided again only after the training was passed. It also said it had set up an emergency working group to investigate the situation of offline fund-raising consultants nationwide, especially in Ningbo, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and other places.

However, the interface news found on many recruitment websites that the recruitment of offline fund-raising consultants under waterdrop fund-raising has not stopped at present. Some positions are called volunteers, some are called fund-raising consultants directly. Most of these positions are not limited to age, gender, education background, and the monthly salary is more than 4000-12000 yuan. According to the job description, the fund-raising consultant needs to find patients with fund-raising needs in the hospital, help them to use the water drop fund-raising platform to launch fund-raising, improve the companys reputation and occupy the market.

More and more hospitals do not want to see online crowdfunding platforms such as waterdrop fund-raising. Yang Xiaoyun believes that on the one hand, some patients require doctors to modify the diagnosis certificate in order to initiate online fund-raising, on the other hand, many offline volunteers are crouching in the hospital, which affects the order of the hospital. Many volunteers fill in the donation amount at will, even ask the patients how much they want to raise, do not check the property status of the helpers, and lack supervision on the purpose of donation.

On December 1, the peoples Daily published a review entitled water drop financing, dont let good people chill. The review believed that every success of sweeping fund-raising and staffs Commission according to the bill is the elimination of good intentions of the people and the injury to trust and trust.

Source: editor in charge of interface news: Li Chao, nb12814