To raise money for 4-year-old brother, 11-year-old girl truancy sells yam on the street

 To raise money for 4-year-old brother, 11-year-old girl truancy sells yam on the street

A few days ago, at the intersection of Jingwu road and Weiliu Road in Jinan, Li Fuying from Laiwu District in Jinan and his daughter Li Jinyi set up a stall to sell yams. In the chilly wind, the 11-year-old girl was a little shy, covering her mouth and selling in a low voice. She looked around with her eyes of exploration. At the dinner point, Li Fuying, her father, needs to cook for her sick son. Li Jinyi helps her father to keep the yam stand. She is very sensible at a young age. She hopes to sell more yams and raise money for her brothers treatment.

Li Xinhang, a 4-year-old brother, was a happy and carefree child, but he was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in August this year, which was undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for the family. At the same time, the ensuing 300000 medical expenses make the family even more in trouble.

On the morning of the 2nd, lightning news reporter came to the love kitchen located on Jingwu road and met xiaojinyi. While waiting for her father to make lunch, she turned up a story book and read it with interest. Li Fuying, on the other side, is putting the tomato and egg soup just made in the heat preservation barrel. Then he goes downstairs to buy some steamed bread and is going to Jinan provincial hospital not far away to let his son SIA eat on time.

Her brothers illness made Jin Yi unwilling to go to school. She wanted to stay in Jinan for a while and help her parents do something. Father and daughter rushed to the sterile ward. Due to the low immunity of xiaoxinhang, in order to avoid infection, people who entered the ward could not stay too much. Li Fuying asked her daughter to wait outside. I hope yams can be sold quickly, and I want my brother to get better soon. Jin Yi lies on the door and looks at her brother through the glass.

An uncle donated yams to help us, but he would be driven away from setting up a stall on the road, so he didnt set it up today. Back to the loving kitchen, Jin Yi looked at the yam in front of her eyes and said to the reporter. The uncle in Jinyis mouth is Li Peng, the person in charge of the loving kitchen, which he founded to provide cooking convenience for leukemia patients. When learning about Li Fuying, Li penggang bought many iron stick yams from Taian, his hometown, totaling 89500kg. He donated the yams to Li Fuying, intending to help him sell the yams together to raise money to save the children.

Li Fuying, Jinyis father, used up the money he had saved for his sons chemotherapy. Then he borrowed 100000 yuan from his relatives and friends, and now there is little left.

Farmer, where can I get so much money? He (Li Fuying) is crying there. Fortunately, the patient donated yams to him and raised some money after selling them. Ms. Wang, who is also a patient in the loving kitchen, told reporters in a low voice.

At present, yams have been sold for more than one thousand jin, leaving seven or eight thousand jin. Yams are thin, long and crispy. A bundle of 6 Jin costs 30 yuan. I hope that the people who are interested in buying can help Li Jinyi and her family through the present difficulties.

Source: responsible editor of Dai Wenjia, nb12498