Hong Kong media: the Universitys management should pay for the failure of the system

 Hong Kong media: the Universitys management should pay for the failure of the system

There are many large-scale sundries placed by the administrators on the campus of Li University. (source: Star Island daily)

Overseas network, Dec. 3 - the management of Hong Kongs colleges and universities began to repair the campus occupied by the mob. Some colleges and universities said that most of the repair funds need to rely on government funding. In response, Hong Kong media today (3) pointed out that the management of colleges and universities indulged in violence and refused to allow the police to enter the school. The damaged campus should not be repaired by the taxpayer, and the school should pay the bill by itself.

Hong Kongs Headline Daily today ran a column entitled University maintenance, should be handled by yourself. This paper discusses the question of who should be responsible for the maintenance expenses of several universities in Hong Kong recently damaged by violent demonstrators. The article lists three reasons. It points out that the violent demonstrators in the university campus turn the university campus into a position to destroy and vent, and the taxpayer should not pay the bill; the management of some universities once refused the police to enter the campus to enforce the law, but they could not guarantee the safety of the campus. As a result, the whole line was evacuated, making the campus become an unattended area, and the maintenance cost should be borne by The third reason is that the violent demonstrations make Hong Kongs economy slump or cause layoffs. The governments limited financial resources should help those affected by the rioters first.

The Polytechnic University was devastated by the mob. (source: East grid)

In addition, the article also warns that if students and other thugs destroy the university campus, the government will allocate funds to repair it quickly, which will give the impression of no cost, no cost. In a flash, students can destroy again, the government can repair again, and the taxpayers money is like pouring into the sea water, which is endless. Therefore, the paper suggests that the school management should be held responsible, i.e. using the (school) reserve to pay for students is still painless, but the university management will at least feel it. the next time there is a mess, the school should be responsible, think twice before you act..

It is reported that many universities in Hong Kong have been occupied by thugs since the practice storm. The most seriously damaged are the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (HKUST), especially the University of science. As a result of the war, buildings on the campus were burned, the swimming pool became a training ground for mobs to throw gasoline bombs, and the library was soaked in water, resulting in hundreds of millions of University maintenance costs.

Senior management of HKUST said school maintenance would take six months and rely on government funding. (source: Mingbao)

On November 29, the management of the university received the campus. Teng Jinguang, President of the University, said on the same day that Li had been severely damaged and had been suspended for some time, which had a great impact on teaching and scientific research. Teng Jinguang said that the damage degree of the school building is not the same. Professional companies need to assess the need for restoration before they can know the required funds. Mr. Teng predicted that the university could advance part of the rehabilitation funds and some social people would like to support it, but he believed that most of the funds needed to be funded by the government.

On November 26, the government of the Hong Kong SAR withdrew the funding for the renovation of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the University of Hong Kong, totaling more than 250 million Hong Kong dollars (about 220 million yuan), because some members expressed concern about these two projects. Chief Secretary for Administration Zhang Jianzong explained that the withdrawal of the grant was purely due to the need for more time to explain the relevant matters to the members of the Legislative Council. At the same time, Zhang Jianzong pointed out that the relevant schools have made a comprehensive assessment, and it is necessary to know how many resources the school has to make use of. If there are insufficient resources, the Education Bureau of the SAR government must have the means to assist and apply to the Finance Committee for funding when necessary.

Source: editor in charge of overseas website: Dai Wenjia, nb12498