Republican argument before trump impeachment investigation report: insufficient evidence

 Republican argument before trump impeachment investigation report: insufficient evidence

In its 123 page report, the Republican Party said, the evidence presented so far does not support any allegations by the Democratic Party, nor does the testimony of one witness confirm bribery, treason or other serious crimes and misconduct..

According to CNN, the Republican report intentionally ignored the testimony of some professional diplomats, such as Sunderland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, who said at the hearing that there is a deal between the president and Ukraine. On the contrary, Republicans argue that Trumps concerns about the former Vice President Biden and his son are real, but trump did not put pressure on Ukraines president ZELINSKY in Julys call, nor did he exchange US military aid for Ukraines investigation of Biden and others.

CNN said the Republican preemptive refutation report will be the blueprint for president Trumps Refutation by House Republicans at the upcoming Wednesday hearing.

According to previous reports, the House Intelligence Committee will release the presidential impeachment investigation report on March 3, which is expected to be the basis for the judicial committee to draft impeachment provisions. Members of the house intelligence committee saw the report in advance Tuesday night local time.

As for the Republican refutation report, Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said that they ignored a large amount of evidence that the president used his power to suspend military aid, meet with the president of Ukraines White House as a bargaining chip, and pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. These were illegal, unconstitutional, and violated his oath of office.

U.S. energy secretary Perry ends his term and denies resigning because of tuuman

According to foreign media reports, on December 1 local time, Rick Perry ended his last day as energy minister of trump government. He wrote on social media thanking his family and the American people for allowing him to work at the agency. Recently, Perry has been involved in the storm of Trumps phone gate, but Perry himself denies that his resignation is related to the tongwumen.

Trump is invited to attend the impeachment hearing: increasing support for impeachment cases

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee said on December 4 that it will launch the next phase of the impeachment investigation hearing against President trump and invite trump and his lawyers to participate. According to a Reuters / Ipsos poll released on the 26th, the public support for Trumps impeachment has steadily increased during the past two weeks of several live television impeachment hearings in the US House of Representatives.