Russia builds a border full coverage radar field known as the stealth aircraft star killer

 Russia builds a border full coverage radar field known as the stealth aircraft star killer

Antenna array of Russian over the horizon detection radar station

Reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that from the 1st, container over the horizon detection radar station joined the Russian air force, and joined the combat duty in koverkino, mordova region. The giant antenna field of the radar station consists of 144 antenna poles, each of which is 10 stories high. The whole antenna field is 1300 meters long and 200 meters wide. It can detect enemy missile launching in a distance of 3000-6000 kilometers. At the same time, it can detect large-scale flight of aircraft and cruise missiles from a long distance, and determine the whereabouts of tactical and strategic aircraft and hypersonic missiles. Mihail Petrov, the chief designer of the radar, said that the radar was created on the basis of the signal reflection principle of the atmospheric ionosphere. At present, the United States, Britain and France are also actively developing this type of radar, but they have not yet been equipped with the same kind of radar that can compete with the container in terms of system composition and program algorithm.

Russian Voronezh long range radar station

According to the report, the radar station is an integral part of the Russian missile early warning system, with the advantages of 24-hour continuous air surveillance and highly automated monitoring. The commander of Russias first air defense and antimissile group army, lieutenant general Andrey Jamin, said that Russian aerospace forces began to deploy container radar stations in the West and south, which can help Russian forces to monitor in real time the possible attacks against Russia within thousands of kilometers outside the border, including the incoming aircraft and missiles in the Baltic, Black Sea and Mediterranean directions, and even the launches of Russian facilities Hypersonic missile. The radar is perfectly complementary to the Voronezh over the horizon radar station which has been put into use. Once the container radar detects that the missile is launched beyond the horizon, the relevant information will be transmitted to the Voronezh radar through the data link. The latter will find the missile within the visible range, determine the coordinates, and guide the air defense and anti missile system to intercept the incoming missile.

Russias defense ministry said on the same day that it would establish a full coverage radar field around the Russian border in order to prevent possible air strikes early, Russia News Agency said Tuesday. Yuri konutov, a Russian expert, said that the container can find stealth aircraft thousands of kilometers away, and has become the key to stealth aircraft. The next deployment direction of the radar is the Arctic, which is the shortest distance between the United States and Russia. It is necessary to detect the attacks launched by the United States with stealth missiles and aircraft in advance.

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