Is the absence of Ronaldo good for you? Van Dyck joked: is he a real opponent

 Is the absence of Ronaldo good for you? Van Dyck joked: is he a real opponent

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Sister Ronaldo counterattacks van Dyck: he won three titles in the Premier League. You are not worthy to be with him

For me, the past year has been a magical one. However, there are two very good players (Messi Ronaldo) who have continued their supernatural performance. So you have to respect these great players. Im close to winning the golden ball, but theres one person (Messi) who is a little better than me Van Dyck said: I am proud of what I have achieved in Liverpool and Holland in the past year and hope we can repeat that in the new year.

Van Dyck knows that his challenges in the future will not be less: next year, there will still be these tough guys around me. This season, Messis performance is still amazing, while Manet and others have the momentum of staying behind. What will it look like next year? No one knows. Van Dyck can only do his best.

At todays golden ball awards ceremony, we did not see Cristiano Ronaldo, who stayed in Italy. A reporter told van Dyck before the award ceremony: Ronaldo didnt come today. You have another opponent missing. Later, van Dyck replied with a smile, is Ronaldo a real opponent? Last season, Ronaldos performance at Juve showed a downward trend.

Although he failed to win the golden ball, van Dyck still won the respect of many people. Liverpool officials pushed the teams defensive leader to give encouragement: big virg, come on! After the magic of 2019, van Dyck won the second place in the Golden Globes The Dutch national team official tweeted: our captain, our leader, van Dyck, you are the number one in our hearts.

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