X1 and iZone may be disbanded due to fraud involving produce

 X1 and iZone may be disbanded due to fraud involving produce

X1 and iZone or announced dissolution

According to South Korean media, cjenm announced that X1 and iZone might be dissolved.

On February 2, according to the broadcasting industry, cjenm insisted on the position of respecting the opinions of members of each combination to the maximum extent and making a careful decision, but members and relevant persons of the company had different opinions. Recently, cjenm decided to disband X1 and iZone, which will be announced in the near future.

Cjenm has yet to give an answer to the public real voting data that fans demand. Because if the members who change the ranking due to the intervention of the production team are made public, they may suffer secondary injury. Cjenm, a relevant person, said Tuesday: we cant ignore a lot of things, for the disclosure of the original data, we will think twice before making a decision.

It is reported that iZone and X1 are two male and female combinations who started their careers in the third and fourth seasons of produce in South Korea. However, with the occurrence of fraud in all seasons of produce in November, the producers fraud was also sued by angry Korean people in the court, hoping to get a thorough investigation of relevant departments. With the fact that the main director, an Junying, was bribed by the relevant economic companies and the high amount of fraud was exposed, the stormy combination of iZone and X1 not only suspended all the return activities and removed the endorsement products, but also will not attend the 2019mama award ceremony held on December 4.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Ma Wenjing, nbjs9027