Drogba: I refused to take a picture with a boy 10 years ago, only to know that he is mbape

 Drogba: I refused to take a picture with a boy 10 years ago, only to know that he is mbape

Mbape is sixth in the Golden Globes, ahead of Messi, van Dyck, Ronaldo, Manet and Salah. For the 20-year-old, its a great honor. When Drogba presented the trophy to mbape, he revealed his past with mbape.

After Chelseas Champions League semi-final against Barcelona 10 years ago, a child came to me for a picture, Drogba said. I refused to take a photo that day because of the shameful decision of the referee. I later learned that the child was mbape. I want to pay the debt now. Then Drogba took out his mobile phone and took photos with mbape and host sandy Herbert.

In the 2008-09 Champions League semi-final, Chelsea drew 0-0 with Barcelona in the first leg and 1-1 with Barcelona at Stamford Bridge in the second leg. In the end, Chelsea were eliminated due to less away goals. However, in Chelseas home game, referee Henin has repeatedly disputed the decision. Pique and Etoo are suspected of handball in the penalty area, while Drogba was pushed down by Abidal in the penalty area without penalty.

Finally, Chelsea lost the ball in the 93rd minute and failed to make it to the Champions League final. After the game, the Chelsea manager protested the unfair referee, and even some fans threatened the referees death. Didier Drogba promised a friend before the match. After the match, he took a picture with mbape, who was only 10 at that time. But after such a defeat, Drogba was obviously not in the mood to take a picture with mbape.

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