Four times injured in the same position in eight months Zhang Yuning chose not to operate for the Olympic dream

 Four times injured in the same position in eight months Zhang Yuning chose not to operate for the Olympic dream

However, for Zhang Yuning, the striker of Beijing Zhonghe Guoan, his injury is no longer in the category of minor injury, but for his Olympic dream, in order to win honor for the motherland, he has struggled with the injury for almost a season and once again chose conservative treatment. Although only 22 years old, the young Zhang Yuning deserves respect.

Zhang Yuning injured his right shoulder again in the match

When the time came back to December 1, we were very happy to see Zhang Yuning, the first player, help Guoan to score a key goal, lead the team to play the clarion call of the teams counterattack, on the one hand, we were worried about his right shoulder, after all, the injured part almost bothered him for half of the season. As the saying goes, what to be afraid of? shortly before the end of the game, Zhang Yuning was hit on the shoulder in a direct contest with the defenders in his hands, and his face was grim. In order to continue to play the key game, he once tried to push the suspected misplaced shoulder back to the original position, which was recorded by the camera lens.

Although he held on for a few minutes, the coaching team soon replaced him for the sake of his health. From the middle circle, he tried his best to greet the fans who shouted his name, but it was obvious that his right shoulder was in a serious condition. After the game, there were media reports that Zhang Yuning was confirmed as right shoulder glenoid lip injury and right shoulder joint impact syndrome after examination, which did not exclude the surgical treatment. So whats the latest situation?

4 injuries at the same location in the past 8 months

On the morning of the 2nd, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily exclusively learned that Zhang Yuning once again injured his right shoulder in the competition, which is the fourth injury he has suffered in the same position in the past more than eight months.

The head of Guoan club said that he has been insisting since the first right shoulder injury in the league in May. The injury has just recovered. He suffered the injury in the same position in the two training competitions of the national team and the International Olympic team. At that time, he also knew that the most effective way to cure the injury was surgery. But in order not to affect the rest of the league, Zhang chose conservative treatment.

This time, the comprehensive opinions of the hospital and team doctors were also conservative treatment for a period of time, and then the final solution was determined by the effect.

Choose no operation again for the National Olympic Qualification

Zhangs attitude has not changed, that is, he will not operate temporarily, because he cant delay the preparation and competition of the National Olympic Games.

In an interview two months ago, he made it clear that he had made a conservative treatment decision for the clubs championship situation and the prospect of the International Olympic teams qualification. The injury, Zhang also said, his immediate priority is to follow the National Olympic team to actively prepare for the next series of games, for next years Olympic qualifying match is ready. As for other matters, we can discuss them again.

According to the arrangement, the first phase of the training of the current national Olympic team has been held in Guangzhou on 28 last month, and on 8 December, the team will welcome their first official competition of the training in Zhuhai against Tajikistan u22 national team. I dont know if Zhang Yuning can catch up with the game at that time, but in any case, Zhang Yuning, who chose to sacrifice his own interests in front of the national interests, is worthy of praise.

Article / our reporter Zhang Kunlong overall planning / Du Rui

Source: Xu Song, ns1943, editor in charge of Beijing Youth Daily