Cannavaro: I will continue to coach Evergrande to win all Championships

 Cannavaro: I will continue to coach Evergrande to win all Championships

After leading the team to win the Chinese Super League championship again, Cannavaro, his assistant and his disciples reveled together in the dressing room of the match field. The appearance that he was thrown into the air by the whole team after the match was also captured by the camera. After the learning storm, can Kasai continue to lead the Evergrande team?

On the evening of October 27, after Evergrande was forced to draw 2-2 at home by Jianye, Evergrande club announced that Cannavaro would go to the group to learn corporate culture after the game, and appointed Zheng Zhi, the old captain, as the executive coach of the team temporarily. But in fact, Cannavaro did not participate in the so-called study, but went to West Asia for a short rest. Then he had a frank communication with Xu Jiayin, the investor of Evergrande club, and finally returned to the position of Evergrande team.

With regard to Cannavaros next one, the external analysis believes that this is a special move made by Evergrande under great competitive pressure. However, due to the strict work contract escort, Cannavaro is not worried about the possibility of class termination, which also creates conditions for his later return to work.

In any case, after such a storm, the cohesion of Hengda team has been improved. Evergrande team worked together in the last three rounds of the league and won the championship of this seasons China Super League by two points. In terms of performance, Cannavaro did not have a reason to be dismissed.

In an interview with foreign media, Cannavaro could not conceal his delight in leading the team to win the first title of personal coaching. He also admitted that he would continue to coach Evergrande with the goal of winning all the titles and training young local players. Cannavaro said, why not? I have a contract until 2022 and I have three seasons to go!

Our main goal is still to cultivate young people in China, but you will be questioned when you encounter difficulties, Cannavaro said. So our goal is still to win everything we can.

As for the study arranged by the club at the beginning, Cannavaro explained: this is the usual management method of the senior management. I talked with the manager and everything was settled. But the players are very good, they have no excuses, they are not affected, they are even more determined, so we also won the last three games

Source: Xu Song, ns1943, editor in charge of Beijing Youth Daily