Media: the fundamental reason why Huaweis model has become a social ethos lies in Chinese culture

 Media: the fundamental reason why Huaweis model has become a social ethos lies in Chinese culture

Japan is different from Europe and the United States. There is no imperial examination. If one wants to succeed, one must either do business or fight for promotion. It is impossible to make up for the top wars by reading books. No matter how much IQ you read, it is also a matter of paper. Business, let alone, is a complete test of IQ. So Europe, the United States and Japan prefer talent to diligence. Specifically speaking, the UK teaches students according to their aptitude, and Germany divides early. Even in Japan, which is engaged in exam oriented education, it is very difficult to put out the entrance examination questions of top universities. If you want to go to Tokyo University to study science and technology, you have to enroll students independently, and only 40 points for a 100 point math test. Its not Japanese stupid, but its very difficult to work out. On the other hand, in China, the more simple the college entrance examination questions are, now each of them has a score of 750 points, 700 points. As long as they are not stupid and more practical, they can get high scores. Everyone believes that diligence is the way to success. Who are the people selected in this way? A fool trying to be poor.

This is also true when it comes to work. Because of the problems in the selection mechanism, a group of selected people have the inner motivation to go to 996, and they have not made any top-notch results. One person does three jobs and gets two salaries. Instead, he feels that he is very successful, and the society is led by such people.

Its a joke not to say that Huawei relies on 996 to develop high technology. For Huaweis real high-tech chips, most of the core technologies are made by foreign research institutes, which do not engage in 996.

All in all, 996 is a deeply rooted cultural tradition in China that has lasted for 1000 years. The fundamental reason is that the social selection mechanism is too bad.

Source: Shuimu community editor: Li Tianyi, nn7528