Liverpool fans: if van Dyck plays for Barcelona, he will win the golden ball

 Liverpool fans: if van Dyck plays for Barcelona, he will win the golden ball

Last season van Dyck, as the main centre back, helped Liverpool win the Champions League and the second place in the Premier League, in addition to helping the Dutch national team to win the second place in the UEFA National League. Before that, many media and fans regarded van Dyck as a hot candidate for the golden ball award, but in the end, he lost to Messi, only ranked second in the golden ball award.

Many Liverpool fans believe that such a result is not fair to van Dyck, especially considering that last seasons Champions League semi-final, where van Dyck played, Liverpool reversed the elimination of Messis Barcelona. If van Dyck doesnt win the golden ball this year, the defender will never win, fans said on social media If van Dyck plays for Barcelona, he can win the golden ball.

Van Dyck is the player of the year in 2019 and I dont need any trophies to know that. Van Dyck sets the standard of defence for world football, he said He is a player with unparalleled ability and won the Champions League. Its a joke to him that he didnt win the golden ball

However, van Dyck is already the second Dutch player in the Golden Globes after Bergkamp (1994). At the same time, he is also the first Liverpool player to enter the top three in the golden ball award after Torres in 2008.

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