Left hand charity right hand business media: water drop cold how many peoples hearts?

 Left hand charity right hand business media: water drop cold how many peoples hearts?

Following the reputation crisis of false information fund-raising and a crosstalk actors cheating on donation, recently, the chaos of offline promotion of waterdrop fund-raising has been exposed. It is alleged that there are some behaviors, such as sweeping the floor in the form of carpet, randomly filling in the amount of fund-raising, deliberately concealing the property status of the helpers. How does waterdropper respond to the new scandal?

At 5:15 p.m. on December 2, waterdropchip issued a notice on the official microblog: in response to the media reports that there was a problem in the offline personnel service link of waterdropchip, the offline service has been completely suspended. Shuidiji acknowledges that similar violations of service regulations by its offline personnel do exist to varying degrees. In this regard, many people said that the practice of water drop financing has damaged everyones kindness.

Mr. Jia, a citizen of Beijing: I have made donations before. I feel that when I meet these things in the future, I dont want to give my love any more. It seems that I have consumed my love.

Experts said that the platform should publicize more facts and relevant regulatory departments should intervene in the investigation in a timely manner.

Bao ran, a financial commentator: (waterdrop funding) put forward a clear KPI (performance appraisal) to the so-called local promoters or volunteer teams, and supported by an economic reward and punishment mechanism. According to the charity law, volunteers should be free, which is also illegal. Any charity, including all expenditure details within the scope of charity, needs to be disclosed to the public, which is also the requirement of charity law. Event details review: left hand charity right hand business fundraising commission by bill.

Dont let the good man chill!

Source: Financial Editor of CCTV: Li Chao, nb12814