Win win, 5g + AI live broadcast linkage, focus on business environment change in 16 cities

 Win win, 5g + AI live broadcast linkage, focus on business environment change in 16 cities

Jinan: examination and approval hall enterprises start up 1-hour daily average registration of more than 1200 households to create Jinan speed

It took me an hour from the beginning to get my business license. This morning, Mr. Pan from Jinan came to the approval Hall of Jinan. What he didnt expect was that it took him only one hour to get the business license.

In recent years, the administrative approval departments at all levels in Jinan City have issued a series of policies and measures, launched many reform measures, upgraded the concept of approval services, and accelerated the promotion of the convenience of enterprise start-up, one-day completion, one-time success to create the Jinan speed of enterprise start-up.

Mr. Pan, a young entrepreneur from Jinan, came to Jinan examination and approval hall early today to consult and handle business license and other related businesses for his agricultural company. What Mr. Pan didnt expect was that it took him only one hour from submitting the materials to getting the documents by hand, which he never thought of. Before I came, I thought that the handling process would be very troublesome and the handling time would be very long, but I found after I arrived that all matters can be handled at one window, and the staff are also very patient, even though I have many problems, but they still solve them for me one by one.

It is not only fast and efficient, but also introduced by the staff of the examination and approval hall. Now Jinan examination and approval hall also provides the services of cooperation between the government and the bank, second approval and second handling. In 14 districts and counties of Jinan City, 17 banks have signed relevant agreements with Jinan examination and approval hall, and 74 bank outlets in the city handle relevant businesses for enterprises and the masses. In the future, you can go directly to the bank service outlet at the door to handle the business registration business. In addition, the bank will provide free seal engraving, free account opening and other one-stop services. Next, Jinan approval hall will provide policy packages for enterprises, including business license, official seal, policy service package From the start-up of enterprises, other services in the middle of the chain will be included, so that enterprises feel the real convenience.

In Jinan approval hall, the self-service area is also very eye-catching, free WiFi, self-service printers, free tea and so on, providing a full range of services to the citizens who come to handle business. Ms. Wang, a lawyer from a Sino foreign joint venture, is using a self-service printer to print relevant materials. When I was just handling business at the window, I found that there was a lack of material, so I came to the self-service area directly to print and supplement. You dont have to run it again, which saves you a lot of time. At the same time, Ms. Wang said that she had handled all her business in only 40 minutes.

In recent years, focusing on the goal of creating a gold medal business environment, Jinan City has promoted the reform and innovation of enterprise start-up, comprehensively improved the level of registration facilitation, basically achieved one-day completion of enterprise start-up within the city, and effectively stimulated the innovation and excellence creation vitality of market subjects. At present, there are more than 1200 new registered market entities in the city every working day, ranking the first in the province.

Qingdao: explore the worlds first hydrogen + 5g smart ecological port to provide China plan for port transformation in the world

On the morning of December 1, it was put into operation at Qingdao port fully automated terminal (phase II) of Shandong Port Group. The first hydrogen + 5g smart ecological port in the world was explored live by popular network and poster journalists.

The project has launched six global first scientific and technological achievements, such as the worlds first hydrogen powered automatic rail crane independently researched and developed by Shandong Port Group and integrated innovation, and the worlds first application of 5g + automation technology. It leads the worlds most advanced technology level of fully automated terminals, and once again contributes China plan to the transformation and upgrading of the global port and shipping industry with smart manufacturing and China creation.

Facing the future, Shandong Port Group will be more active in promoting hydrogen energy, artificial intelligence, 5g application, big data, cloud platform, automatic control technology and other modern science and technology applications in the field of fully automated terminal and smart green port, continuously developing and applying new world-class scientific and technological achievements, so as to make the production equipment of the terminal more automated and the production management system more efficient Add intelligence, accelerate the comprehensive and in-depth integration of technology and business, attract the gathering of logistics, business flow, information flow, cargo flow, people flow and other shipping elements, and contribute more China plan, China wisdom and China Power to the development of global smart port and green port.

In recent years, in order to facilitate the transformation of new and old driving forces, Qingdao has optimized its business environment and pressed the fast forward button. Qingdao has accelerated the implementation of one window acceptance service, and implemented full chain processing in the fields of medical treatment, pension, education and so on, one-stop processing. In principle, all administrative approval matters announced and implemented will be handled online. At the same time, Qingdao took the lead in establishing the Service Ambassador system for key foreign-invested enterprises to provide one-to-one ambassador service for each key foreign-invested enterprise.

Yantai: build a nest to attract the Phoenix! China class 1 new drug jinyouli has been put into production and put on the market here

Plant the sycamore tree well and attract the Phoenix. Yantai biological medicine high tech Industrial Park project of Shiyao group, which was selected as the key construction project of Shandong Province last year, is the best example. On the morning of December 1, in the industrial park, the mass production workshop of China class 1 new drug jinyouli was entered by the popular network poster journalist.

For a large project like ours, the procedures themselves are quite complicated. Some clerks are not familiar with the working process of the government and cant get a clue after running. Now the government sends full-time agents to actively understand the needs of our enterprise, provide us with full-time tracking and guidance services, help us go through the approval procedures, and help us coordinate the lack of approval under the reasonable and compliant conditions It can be said that it is the governments green light that has put our enterprises on the fast track of development. Xu Guang, assistant general manager of Baike (Shandong) biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd. of Shiyao group, said.

At present, the old model of investment attraction and capital introduction of resources, taxes and land has long been out of line with the development requirements of the new situation, and the soft environment such as government service level and institutional cost has increasingly become an important factor affecting investment. In recent years, Muping District of Yantai city has continued to optimize the service measures of online and offline integration, improve the ability and level of service enterprises, and polish the golden card of an Shang assistant business with a first-class business environment.

The government is in charge of sunshine and rain, and the enterprises are in charge of thriving. Wang Fuying, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Dayao street, Muping District, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qinshui South Korea Industrial Park and director of the management committee, said that for settled enterprises, they not only provide nanny type services, but also upgrade to Mom type services. Now Muping District implements the free agency system for the whole process of examination and approval of key investment projects, establishes the agency service network with division of labor and cooperation, up-down linkage, and sound mechanism, and realizes the free agency service for the whole process of cross department and cross industry government affairs related to enterprises in the hall, which not only makes enterprises run less, but also run well at one time.

Heze: offline new retail opens a new mode of benefiting farmers, and large chain supermarkets are opened in the village

Another new store of Sanxin supermarket has opened! At 10 a.m. on December 1, Sanxin fresh life great wall east store, located near the intersection of Great Wall Road and Guiling road in Heze City, has just opened its business by planting roots in rural communities, serving the peoples livelihood, providing fresh health, and offering excellent and affordable products. It has gained a large number of loyal customers, and its business is booming.

Sanxin supermarket is a large-scale chain supermarket in Heze. In recent years, it has been actively seeking new momentum in the development process. The enterprise has built a comprehensive shopping plaza and a convenient community supermarket at the same time. While laying out the supermarket service outlets in the urban area, the enterprise has actively participated in the revitalization of the countryside, and has opened up the modern shopping centers into towns and urban-rural areas. Sanxin supermarket serves Heze with conscience products and appreciates Heze. In the past 20 years, it has witnessed the continuous improvement of Hezes business environment.

Next, we will increase our convenience to serve the people. We plan to open more chain stores in Yuncheng, Gaozhuang, Huji and other counties and towns. Li Chuanjiang, HR Director of Heze Sanxin supermarket, said that they will continue to increase the bases direct mining and direct supply, and create rice bags, vegetable baskets and fruit plates for Heze citizens to ensure the safety of their dining tables and contribute to the economic development of Heze.

Li Chuanjiang said that the development of Sanxin supermarket benefits from the continuous improvement of Hezes business environment. At the same time, as a member of the CPPCC and a member of the Democratic Party, he also has some suggestions for further improvement of Hezes business environment. For example, the green belt in front of some road merchants is set unreasonably, the guardrail beside the sidewalk is too high, and the parking space in some urban sections is seriously insufficient, etc. the details of urban development need to be improved together.

At the same time of the live video, the popular network poster news is still in the graphic and short video rolling live broadcast area of the special report. Using the AI video cloud editing technology, more than 20 graphic and short video series reports have been continuously promoted simultaneously. This is zero cost of Shandongs start-up enterprises! Linyi issued the first opening package of the enterprise, this is the launch of hydrogen bus in Weifang, Shandong Province, which runs 350 kilometers in 5 minutes with hydrogenation, and only water is discharged A piece of on-the-spot report was continuously pushed to the fingertips of users, and netizens all over the country praised the change of business environment in Shandong.

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