5g + industrial Internet is approaching

 5g + industrial Internet is approaching

Liu duo believes that 5g supports the application scenario from everyone to everything, from mobile Internet to mobile Internet of animals, which can meet the needs of massive information collection, big data processing and remote control. The collection and processing of a large number of data will gradually narrow the differences in products and services brought by the technology gap. With the gradual penetration of 5g + industrial Internet into agriculture, service industry and other fields, it will inject power into the development of digital economy, further improve the level of traditional infrastructure intelligence, build new infrastructure, and support the high-quality development of real economy.

At present, Chinas 5g + industrial Internet exploration is speeding up. As of November 21 this year, 113000 5g base stations have been opened nationwide, which is expected to reach 130000 by the end of the year. At present, there are more than 50 industrial Internet platforms with certain industry and regional influence in China. The average number of industrial equipment connections of key platforms has exceeded 650000, the average number of registered users is 500000, and the average number of industrial apps is 1950. Basic telecommunication enterprises and large-scale industrial enterprises have joined forces to speed up the layout in many industries. More than 20 types of integrated applications have been formed, focusing on industrial manufacturing, energy grid, smart port and other fields.

Liu duo said that on the whole, Chinas 5g + industrial Internet integration development started early and has a good foundation, and its application has gradually extended from peripheral links such as patrol inspection and monitoring to internal production links such as production control and quality inspection. With the continuous deepening of integration and application, a cluster development pattern of two regions, three belts and many points has been initially formed, which is led by Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Yangtze River Delta, and actively promoted in the areas of Shandong and Henan, Sichuan and Chongqing, and Hunan and Hubei.

However, the development potential still needs to be further explored. Liu duo analyzed that, on the one hand, 5gs application scenarios and profit models in the industrial field still need further exploration, which has affected the industrial enterprises understanding and development enthusiasm for 5g. On the other hand, 5g has just entered the commercial stage, and the technology industry ecology has not yet fully formed. For example, 5g chips and modules are not mature, and they do not realize the standardization in the industrial field, which directly affects the research and development of 5g industrial products or equipment. In addition, the key problems such as 5g network deployment architecture, network configuration mode and insufficient uplink bandwidth in the factory need to be solved.

At present, Chinas 5g + industrial Internet is starting. Liu duo suggested that, according to the relevant requirements of the 512 project implementation plan, we should strengthen the testing, evaluation and application consulting service capabilities based on the 5g enterprise intranet construction and transformation, guide the construction of technology test bed and industry test bed, create typical industrial application scenarios, and support the implementation of 5g strategy, industrial Internet innovation and development strategy and other major national strategies.

We need to accelerate the deployment of 5g technology for network transformation in the plant, accelerate the construction of 5g network environment in the plant, and provide facilities and resources for integrated development. Liu said that innovation carriers such as 5g and industrial Internet integration R & D system, innovation center or laboratory should be established to pool various R & D resources and improve R & D efficiency and achievement transformation level. At the same time, we should actively guide social capital to enter the field of 5g + industrial Internet to provide multi-channel capital guarantee for integrated development.

Source: editor in charge of Economic Daily: sun Yunuo nbjs9209