Wang Shi: my ambition for career and pursuit for the opposite sex are the same as everyone else

 Wang Shi: my ambition for career and pursuit for the opposite sex are the same as everyone else

Such uncertainty and confusion are inevitable. Looking back over the past 40 years, at present, Chinas position in the world is beginning to show. Wang Shi said.

Wang Shi pointed out that looking back on the past 40 years, he felt the stones and crossed the river. In the second 40 years, China clearly put forward the direction of one belt and one road, but there are still many uncertainties. How entrepreneurs plan themselves and how to choose in the second 40 years need to be considered.

Wang Shi, known as the godfather of real estate, joked on the forum that I am the godfather of real estate, and I am not worthy of it. Wang Shi said that he will be 70 next year, only the oldest entrepreneur in the city alliance.

Wang Shi handed over the position of chairman of Vanke at the end of June 2017, and formally handed over to stick Yu Liang. The reason for choosing this time, Wang Shi said, the time has come..

I chose to retire two years ago. I made such a decision after the battle of Warburg . In fact, those who were supposed to retire at the age of 70 were four years ahead of schedule. But I think its the best time to shift. I resigned as general manager in 1999 and guided Vankes team to move forward step by step. I am very relieved of the team with Yu Liang. Wang Shi said.

In addition, Wang Shi said that the second 40 years need to be redefined. What is a successful entrepreneur? I think there are two countries to learn from. One is Japan, a successful non Christian modern country, which is in the same line with Chinese culture; the other is Israel, facing the future, we can learn from Israel how to innovate.

According to the official website, the Zhongcheng alliance, founded in 1999, is an industry strategic alliance jointly initiated by a number of influential enterprises in the real estate industry and composed of brand developers in major cities of the country based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit. Wang Shi is the first rotating chairman of the Zhongcheng Alliance.

Source: surging news editor: Wang Xiaowu NF