Japanese government will spend 16 billion yen to buy unmanned island for us carrier based aircraft training

 Japanese government will spend 16 billion yen to buy unmanned island for us carrier based aircraft training

Japan and the U.S. government agreed in 2011 to move the drill site of the U.S. carrier based aircraft stationed in Japan to Mamu island. Mamo island covers an area of 8 square kilometers, is located in the south of Kyushu Island, is subordinate to the surface city in the west of Kagoshima County, and is about 30 kilometers away from the southwest coast of Japan.

Japans chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yiwei, said at a press conference Tuesday that the Ministry of defense and developers reached a purchase agreement on November 29.

From a security point of view, it is important to ensure that [US] carrier based aircraft take off and landing training sites, so that we can build permanent facilities as soon as possible, he said

The U.S. carrier based aircraft initially simulated take-off and landing training at the thick wood base in Kanagawa county. The training made a lot of noise and the Japanese people around the base were not bothered by it. Since 1991, the training site has been changed to Suhuang Island, about 1000 kilometers south of Tokyo. All U.S. carrier aircraft personnel were transferred to Iwate base in Yamaguchi, western Japan, last year.

Yanguo base is about 1400km away from Suhuang island and about 400km away from mamou island. The United States hopes to move to a new training base as soon as possible.

Mayor yoshihihiko Fukuda said the central governments decision was a big step forward and that the construction of permanent training facilities is necessary to reduce the concerns of residents in the country. We will ask the central government to complete the facilities as soon as possible.

A developer in Tokyo owns most of the land on the island. Due to the change of its president, the developer collapsed in May this year with the Japanese government on land purchase, and negotiations between the two sides resumed in the autumn.

Mr. Kan said he did not intend to disclose more details because the acquisition was not completed.

Even if the Japanese government signs a land purchase contract with the land owner, the city will seek a more appropriate way to use mamou Island than fighter training, said the mayor of xizhibiao, who supported the plan.

Some residents living in the surrounding islands of Mamo island said they were worried about the noise from simulated take-off and landing training of carrier aircraft, AFP reported Tuesday.

The U.S. military in Japan has brought troubles to many Japanese residents. Okinawa has long suffered from us crimes, plane crashes, falling objects, noise, etc., and has constantly appealed for the relocation of US military bases, so it has a lawsuit with the Japanese central government. At the end of last year, a court in Tokyo ruled that the Japanese government should pay compensation to residents of Yokota base, a US military base on the outskirts of Tokyo capital, for noise affecting their lives.

Source: editor in charge of Xinhua News Agency: Li Chao, nb12814