Media: the British foreign minister who attacked China with Zheng Wenjie was abandoned

 Media: the British foreign minister who attacked China with Zheng Wenjie was abandoned

British Foreign Minister Dominic Labus profile, image from visual China

In recent months, Rab has been very high-profile on the Hong Kong issue. As Britains foreign minister, he is keen to direct the Hong Kong issue.

Zheng Wenjie, a Hong Kong Employee of the British Consulate who lost contact with prostitutes, claimed to have been severely tortured by the Chinese government. To this end, Rab used to be its platform, accusing the Chinese government of shameful and rude practices.

According to British media reports, Rab once referred to the sabotage of Hong Kong thugs as the exercise of the right of peaceful demonstration by the people of Hong Kong and said: we will not turn a blind eye to their situation..

Reuters news screenshot

However, according to the times on December 1, the foreign minister, who had promised not to turn a blind eye to Hong Kong people, is blocking the home offices proposal to allow British National (Overseas) passport holders to enter the UK in the event of state repression.

A screenshot of Britains Times report shows Home Secretary britty Patel on the left and Dominic Rab on the right.

According to the information on the official website of the British government, the British National (Overseas) passport, also known as BN (o) passport, is an identity document designed by the UK for the return of Hong Kong. Any Hong Kong resident registered before Hong Kongs return or without any nationality at the time of return may apply for a BN (o) passport.

If you do not obtain BN (o) status before Hong Kongs return, you cannot reapply after Hong Kongs return.

Screenshot from the UK government website

The official website claims that a BN (o) passport can apply for British consular assistance and protection, but it cannot automatically obtain the right to stay and work in the UK, nor is it recognized as a British national by the EU.

Screenshot from the UK government website

According to reports, as many as 248000 Hong Kong people hold BN (o) passports, and British Home Secretary Priti Patel is trying to help them flee Hong Kong to the UK.

However, the report said that Rab opposed the proposal in all ways, which made RAB, who had once made a high-profile statement on the Hong Kong issue and was greatly praised by Hong Kongs Democrats, suddenly reversed his comments.

According to reports, some Hong Kong people accused Rab of standing with autocratic countries rather than freedom fighters. In an online community striving for BN (o) to obtain British nationality, some people shouted: when can we kick him out, do everything in the way? and get him out of voting, he is a member of the Communist Party of China.

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When Rab was angry with Hong Kongs Democrats he once backed, his rival, Monica Harding, a candidate for the British Liberal Democratic Party, was being hailed as a hero by some Hong Kong people who dreamed of British citizenship.

According to the South China Morning Post, Monica Harding said in her campaign manifesto that she would support BN (o) passport holders to obtain British citizenship.

Although we havent seen other reports on the campaign Manifesto yet, there are already many people in Hong Kong who are thanking Monica Harding on social networking sites.

It has been commented that she is a BN (o) identity holder who is educated and proud of the UK, and Monica Harding has given herself the opportunity to serve the UK as a country that gives her human rights.

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Other messages also expressed thanks and support to Monica Harding. I dont know how Labu would feel when he saw these messages:

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Source: editor in charge of Global Times: Dai Wenjia, nb12498