Indias 27 year old woman suspected of being raped and burned by four mothers: Please punish him

 Indias 27 year old woman suspected of being raped and burned by four mothers: Please punish him

Photos of four suspects. Source: presstrustofindia

A vicious criminal case in which a 27 year old Indian woman was gang raped and burned by four suspects has once again raised the issue of womens safety to the forefront of the wave. After days of public protests, prosecutors in telangana said they would move the case to a fast track court to find out the truth and punish the suspect as soon as possible.

The body of the woman was found at 5 a.m. Thursday on the outskirts of the southern city of Hyderabad, the Guardian reported on December 1. She was covered in a blanket and burned.

CCTV footage, police reports and eyewitness accounts show that the victims suffered a premeditated attack. Four suspects first inflated her motorcycle tires after getting drunk, then sat in a nearby truck and waited, then volunteered to help her repair the tires.

Police said it was difficult to obtain forensic evidence because of the burning of the victims body, but they speculated that the woman had been gang raped in her lifetime.

There is evidence that the victims were dragged to a deserted bush near the local highway on Wednesday night, where they were gang raped. To prevent anyone from hearing her scream, four suspects smothered her mouth during the rape until she choked to death. After that, she was loaded into a truck by four suspects and transported to a highway underpass. Around 2 a.m., the suspect threw the body under a bridge on the highway and wrapped it in kerosene to light it.

The chief minister (chandrashekhar RAO) has instructed officials that the accused of the murder should be promptly investigated and severely punished, the victims mother said in a statement on Sunday, hoping that four suspects would be burned alive.

According to India today, the four suspects are Mohammad areef, jollu Shiva, jollu Naveen and chintakunta chennakeshavulu, all aged between 20 and 26, and are currently in custody for 14 days.

Fear and shock enveloped the parents of the four poor families when they learned that their son was suspected of such an appalling crime.

I also have a daughter, the mother of chennakesavulu, one of the four suspects, told the media in her hometown of terangana. Please give him any punishment.

You hang him, kill him or shoot him, she said. If I said I wanted my son back, would you listen? Others wont say (though) youre so miserable, wont that scorched woman suffer the same?

In addition to the unacceptability of the murder itself, the handling of the case by the Indian police has also aroused strong protests from the local people.

On Saturday, outside a police station on the outskirts of Hyderabad, thousands of people gathered to protest in the hope that the suspect would be sentenced to death. On the same day, three police officers in Hyderabad were suspended for improper work. Protests and vigils for victims have also been held elsewhere in India.

According to the guardian, the victims family went to the police station for help on the night of the murder because at around 9 p.m. the victim had called her sister and said that her motorcycle could not be moved, and she was very afraid of being trapped on the side of the road. When the family tries to call the victim again, the phone turns off. After receiving the alarm, several policemen did not carry out any investigation, but joked that the victim must have eloped with the man and drove the family out of the police station.

Shyamala Kunde, a member of the National Commission for women, said: girls families are shocked. When they go to the police station to report missing people, the police tell them its not under their jurisdiction. If the police respond immediately, maybe the girl can be saved. We call for the immediate punishment of the murderer in order to send a strong signal to society.

India is the most dangerous place for women in the world because of the high risk of sexual violence, according to a survey conducted by the Thomson Reuters foundation in 2018. According to data provided by the government of India, there were more than 32000 rapes in India in 2017, but the actual number may be much higher.

On Saturday, a woman who took part in the protest in Delhi said: the only purpose of this protest is to ensure that I will not be burned tomorrow. Every 20 minutes there is a rape in India. I dont want to die.

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