Hong Kong high school students bring explosives to school: bail again refused

 Hong Kong high school students bring explosives to school: bail again refused

Ma On Shan secondary school, Caritas (source: Headline Daily, Hong Kong)

Overseas. Com, Dec. 3 (Xinhua) - a middle school student in Maanshan middle school, Caritas, Hong Kong, had earlier returned to school with 0.5g high explosive TATP, alerting the school authorities to call the police and charged with the crime of possessing explosives. Yesterday, the defendant applied for bail review in Shatin magistracy. Gao Weixiong, acting chief magistrate, pointed out that the case was serious. If the defendant was released on bail, he would have further access to information related to explosives and would have a chance to commit a felony and refuse his bail application.

Li Wenguang (18 years old), the defendant, was charged with the crime of possession of explosives, which refers to his possession, custody or control of explosives in the school on November 27 this year, i.e. TATP. Mr. Lis application for bail was rejected on Friday (November 29), and a bail review was carried out yesterday, again rejected. Li was still in school uniform when he was taken to court yesterday. Nearly 70 people, including their mothers and schoolmates in school uniforms, attended the court.

Source: Hong Kong Headline Daily

According to the report, the defense stated that 0.5g of TATP involved in the case was small in weight or could only constitute a gas as big as a cup cover, and questioned whether it was explosives. The case was not serious as expected, and the court was expected to approve bail.

In this regard, the magistrate pointed out that since the refusal of Li Wenguangs bail, there has been no significant change in the progress of the case, and the case is serious. If the defendant is allowed to bail, he may have access to information related to explosives, and may commit a recidivism. Therefore, he refused to review his bail until January 24 next year (i.e. the 30th day of the lunar calendar).

The prosecution said that after the explosive handling section seized 0.5g TATP involved in the case, it was preliminarily assessed as high-performance and extremely dangerous, and a little friction would be enough to break the palm of the hand.

In the afternoon, suspicious objects were found on the campus of Maanshan middle school, Hong Kongs Headline Daily reported on November 27. After preliminary investigation, the police suspected that it was high explosive TATP and arrested two men, aged 17 and 18, respectively. Hong Kong media reported that a teacher at the school said that Li and another boy involved in the case had told him afterwards that the explosives were handed over to them by thugs outside the school. Hong Kong police said earlier that they would launch an investigation into the clue, test relevant evidence, and do not rule out checking the phone number of the defendant. In addition, explosives wrapped in tin paper will be inspected and expert reports will be obtained.

On the day of the incident, Maanshan Middle School of Caritas issued two consecutive statements, saying that due to the discovery of unknown chemicals within the campus, in order to take into account the safety of all students and employees and avoid real-time danger, the school immediately informed the fire department to come to the school for inspection and alert, and decided to suspend the course for one day on November 28.

More than 2000 Hong Kong students arrested: 910 under the age of 18, the youngest 12

Hong Kong Chief Secretary Cheung Kin Chung said yesterday (30 November) that from June to 29 November, 5890 people had been arrested and 2345 were students, accounting for 40% of those arrested, 910 of whom were under the age of 18 and the youngest 12. He said the Hong Kong government will try its best to ensure that their rights and interests will not be damaged, but stressed that Hong Kong is a society governed by the rule of law and that violations of the law require legal sanctions. Zhang Jianzong called on students not to try their own way and ruin their future, and hoped that schools, families and society could work together to guide young people well.