30000 chat up men told the teacher about PUA Teacher: he signed up for stealing teacher

 30000 chat up men told the teacher about PUA Teacher: he signed up for stealing teacher

PUA has always been a hot topic for people to talk about in order to make women trust and control their emotions and thoughts. In this case, students and teachers accused each other of being related to PUA. In May this year, Jiangsu provincial police successfully investigated and dealt with an illegal PUA course set up on a website, which became the first administrative case in China to investigate and deal with illegal PUA information.

Beijing News: Mr. Tao, 31, spent 30000 yuan to attend the training organized by Mr. Gu in order to find a girlfriend. Seven days later, Mr. Gu thought he had taught all the training contents, but was sued by Mr. Tao to the court for refund of tuition fees. Yesterday morning, Haidian court opened a court session to hear the case. The two people referred to each other as PUA, that is to say, through routine to let women have trust, and then to control women emotionally and ideologically.

The picture shows the scene of the trial. Court offer

30 thousand yuan for eight lectures

Mr. Tao, 31, is engaged in design publicity. He sued that in 2017, he began to know Mr. Gus website, which shows the enrollment information of the website about the professional of chat up and eloquence. In 2018, further attention was paid to Mr. Gus website. After introducing the video website and multiple platforms, and referring to his commitment to students learning effect, Mr. Tao took the initiative to add Mr. Gus wechat. On October 5, 2018, Mr. Tao signed up for the training with tuition of 30000 yuan.

On the morning of October 6, 2018, Mr. Gu taught theoretical lessons at home, and in the afternoon, he took Mr. Tao to Xidan shopping mall to teach chatting eloquence. In the following courses, Mr. Gu took Mr. Tao to other schools and shopping malls to teach chatting eloquence business. The time of the above 8 lectures shall not exceed 72 hours.

Mr. Tao said that after his own verification, Professor Gus eloquence was inconsistent with the teaching content of publicity. Many of the students they recruited said they did not achieve the effect of the publicity commitment, which made them realize that they had been cheated. In many negotiations since then, Mr. Gus attitude was outrageous, he had no intention of refund, and he repeatedly abused and slandered himself.

Publicity materials on the defendants website.

The plaintiff requested a court order to return the tuition

Mr. Tao inquired from many parties and learned that Mr. Gus subordinate industry is a private education and training institution, but he did not apply for the school running permit and business license. During this period, more than one student will be enrolled, and some of them will have tuition fees ranging from 30000 to 46000 yuan.

Mr. Tao said that he wanted to marry a girlfriend when he was 30 years old and wanted to celebrate the new year, so he took part in Mr. Gus training. However, after taking part in the training, he found that Mr. Gus unauthorized teaching behavior violated the education law, contract law, Private Education Promotion Law and other relevant laws and regulations. At the same time, Mr. Gu violated the society during the training Social morality and good customs. In the training and chat system, Mr. Gu told himself to communicate with girls for the purpose of holding hands, hugging and going to bed. When he knew that the professor had no result, he lured himself to pay fees, suspected of fraud.

Mr. Tao appealed to the court and thought that Mr. Gu was suspected of PUA teaching. He asked the court to make an order to confirm the invalidity of the contract between the two parties and return all the tuition fees of 30000 yuan.

According to previous reports, PUA (pick-up artist) is a new culture in which men, based on psychological theory and other knowledge, approach women through packaging and other skills to gain trust and control womens emotions and psychology. On May 9, 2019, the network security team of Jiangsu Provincial Department and the network security branch of Lianyungang Municipal Bureau successfully investigated and dealt with cases involving the implementation of fraud, obscene pornography and other illegal information by setting up a website to peddle illegal PUA courses. This case is the first administrative case in China to investigate and deal with the publication of illegal PUA information.

Defendant: teaching courses to save the plaintiff

As the defendant, Mr. Gu prepared a large amount of evidence in the court. He presented the red graduation certificate with the words Peking University and his own manuscript against PUA to the court. Gu said that after graduating from Peking University, he had worked in many large-scale real estate companies and began to teach chat skills around 2010. In 2013, he launched a personal website on interpersonal communication. A lot of people are very closed at heart, because of the pressure of their family and classmates when they were young, they could not communicate with others normally.. Gu said that some of his students are about 36 years old, but they have no love experience. His course is to help them solve social problems.

Mr. Gu thinks that the accuser Mr. Taos accusation is nonsense. He said that before he took part in his own course, Mr. Tao had violated social morality and had studied PUA course for two or three years. I was trying to save him. I made a documentary entitled awakening My experience of more than ten years is to oppose PUA. I am the enemy of PUA Mr. Gu said that Mr. Tao came to find a girlfriend, but Mr. Tao sued himself. This kind of behavior belongs to revenge for kindness. Mr. Gu said that Mr. Tao had been engaged in PUA for many years and wanted to save him through teaching, so he disagreed with Mr. Taos claim.

As Mr. Gu disagreed with the mediation, the court adjourned the court and did not pronounce a sentence in court.

Focal point

The defendant said that the plaintiff applied for stealing the teacher

In court, Mr. Tao repeatedly stressed that he participated in Mr. Gus course for the purpose of marriage. At the same time, he admitted that he had studied PUA before contacting Mr. Gu, but also hoped to find a girlfriend. After participating in Mr. Gus training, he found that Professor Gus theory is not different from PUA.

He promised me to find my girlfriend in three to seven days! Mr. Tao said.

He found it, the best one among my students! Mr Gu retorted at once.

The judge asked the two sides, what is the standard for finding a girlfriend? How do you judge to find a girlfriend?

Mr. Tao said that he made girlfriend for the purpose of marriage, while Mr. Gu taught his skills for the purpose of holding hands, hugging and going to bed.

Mr. Tao said that every teaching occasion is decided by Mr. Gu, who usually chooses the occasion with many people. Mr Gu would encourage him: look, that girl! Hurry up! Later, according to Professor Gu, Mr. Tao will first praise the girl for something beautiful, or temporarily find a topic to chat up, and then ask for wechat, and Mr. Gu is on the spot at the moment. I began to improve my self-confidence, but later I found that it was nothing more than brainwashing and talking to girls through probability.. Mr. Tao said.

He talked to more than 500 people before, but he didnt succeed. He found his girlfriend in my place in a few days. Gu said that everyone has different standards for finding girlfriends. He believes that he has successfully helped Mr. Tao find his girlfriend, and the two have successfully held hands and had a sexual relationship.

Gu believes that he is a professor of normal rules of communication, and PUA is to cheat others through some fake packaging. In the court, Mr. Gu thought that Mr. Tao was the real PUA and went to his own place to steal.

For whether to make a girlfriend, Mr. Tao said that he only had three meals with girls under Professor Gu, but according to Professor Gus theory, he took physical coercive actions against girls, such as hugging, which was disgusted by girls. At present, Mr. Tao has no further development with girls, and he still has no girlfriend.

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Li Chao, nb12814