Hunan mens organization of stealing sand and gravel 2 people were buried dead and have been controlled by the police

 Hunan mens organization of stealing sand and gravel 2 people were buried dead and have been controlled by the police

According to the official of Hengnan County, after preliminary investigation, on November 28, Yin, an employee of Xufeng material factory of Hengnan County, signed an agreement with a resident of Xincheng community to collude in the stealing of AB materials at the foot of a mountain near xintangbu bridge. Before the incident, Li, the owner of the excavator, and Yin, the employee of Xufeng material factory, had found that the mountain had been dug into a right angle, but they were still lucky to continue to arrange stealing mining driven by interests. At about 9:00 that night, the soil on the top of the mountain collapsed unexpectedly, burying Yin and Wang, who were squatting at the scene of illegal mining and baking. Yin died on the spot, Wang was sent to Hengnan County Peoples Hospital, and died the night of invalid rescue. After the incident, the local public security organ immediately intervened in the investigation and controlled the relevant personnel in the first time.

According to the investigation and verification of Hengnan County police, the mining is illegal. During the mining operation, no safety measures were taken by relevant personnel. At present, the aftermath of the two dead has been properly handled, the criminal suspect Li has been taken criminal compulsory measures by the public security organ, and the case is still under further investigation.

Nine protective umbrellas were dug out in the case of illegal sand mining across the Yangtze River worth more than 100 million in nine provinces

The case has refreshed many first cases in the Yangtze River Basin, including the first case of joint fleet illegal sand mining, the first case of stolen gold mining, the first case of cross regional family illegal sand mining, and the first case of public officials covering up and conniving illegal mining. In 2014, Zheng invited the defendant he and others to form a joint fleet with 10 sand dredgers, hired another underworld organization to provide violent support and drive out foreign ships, and gradually formed a underworld organization with the defendants Zheng and he as its organizations, leaders and other key members. Based on the platform of joint fleet, the organization illegally mines sand and sells from Sichuan and Chongqing in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to Jiangsu in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and across 36 cities in 9 provinces including Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Henan and Fujian. It illegally mines more than 4.17 million tons of mineral products, such as pebbles and gold sand, by means of suppressing those who do not obey the management, driving out foreign sand mining vessels, etc Six criminal cases resulted in one minor injury and many property damage.

Who dares to stop my sand dredger? Villagers control sand mining nearly 2000 meters along the Huaihe River

Li Jiu, a 55 year old villager from gudui Township, Huaibin County, Henan Province, is called nine elder brothers. He is of medium height and a simple face makes him even a little naive at ordinary times. Its such an ordinary person at first sight, but in the local area, he is known as big brother for his bravery and ruthlessness.