Behind the water drop fund-raising: the fund-raising has not been fully verified by accumulating traffic information through social networking

 Behind the water drop fund-raising: the fund-raising has not been fully verified by accumulating traffic information through social networking

After the event of crowd funding of cross talk actors in Deyun society, water drop funding again fell into the vortex of public opinion.

On November 30, waterdrop fund-raising attracted wide attention on the Internet due to a report of undercover real-time photo hospital sweeping fund-raising, many loopholes in audit. According to the report, shuidi raised a large number of fund-raising consultants, who were volunteers in the hospital to sweep the building. If the patients were willing to raise funds, volunteers began to help the patients write the story of the helpers, but the financial situation and the gap of medical expenses were all asked orally by the fund-raising consultants, and the amount of fund-raising was determined by consultation between the volunteers and the patients families; In addition, volunteers claimed that after the money was raised, the company would not investigate where the money was raised.

As soon as relevant news came out, many netizens said, this is the reason why I donate less and less, dont let others kindness be over consumed, consuming kindness will lead to people who really need help cant raise money in the future, etc. For this report, on December 2, shuidi raised a response to the reporter of Beijing News, saying that preliminary investigation shows that similar phenomena of offline personnel violating service specifications do exist to varying degrees, and that the Commission mentioned in the report is actually the remuneration paid by the companys own funds to the offline service team, not from the users fund-raising.

Prior to that, shuidi Fund released a note on the official microblog about the report of offline fund-raising consultant. In response, the offline service team suspended the service in an all-round way from now on to rectify and thoroughly investigate similar violations. In response to the issues mentioned in the report, such as property information audit, target amount setting, and fund use supervision, shuidi said that the company has established corresponding audit mechanism to ensure the full publicity of property and other information and verify it with a third-party organization, while continuing to follow up the use of funds.

The reporter found on December 2 that many water drop fund-raising projects that have already entered the fund-raising phase still show that the diagnosis certificate of patients is being verified, the patients ID card and the patients photo are being verified. Pan Yichun, reporter of Beijing News

Behind the promotion of sweeping style

Accumulate traffic through social scenes

It has established in-depth cooperation with more than 60 well-known insurance companies in China and launched more than 80 cost-effective insurance products; shuidi said it will abandon the performance management mode that mainly serves the number of patients

It is reported that waterdropchip was established in July 2016 as a platform for personal help for serious illness. When an individual has a disease and the family is unable to help, it can release information on the platform to seek the help of caring people. According to the data provided by waterdrop, as of September 2019, it has raised 23.5 billion yuan and nearly 280 million people have participated in the rescue.

It is true that such a platform helps some families with practical difficulties to solve the problem of medical fund. However, in recent years, there have been voices of doubts such as the lax examination of fundraisers and the inadequate supervision of fund-raising, which also make waterdrop fund-raising sink into the vortex of public opinion. And the sweeping promotion makes many people question that it is diverting its insurance business.

The reporter found that there is no need to pay for the help persons fund-raising on waterdrop fund-raising. Not only that, waterdrop fund also fully subsidizes the third partys identity verification fee, service fee and audit fee.

Some insiders believe that waterdrop company is first of all a start-up company, which needs to make profits, and the public welfare behavior also needs the support of commercial power. We must seek other ways to make profits, so as to ensure the healthy and sustainable operation of waterdrop research.

On the aspect of waterdrop financing, the mission of waterdrop financing is to accumulate traffic through social scenes, which is also the most intuitive embodiment of the social value of waterdrop company. Waterdrop company also built a health insurance scenario through waterdrop fund-raising, and aroused the awareness of users health insurance awareness through the scenario of serious illness fund-raising.

It is reported that shuidi company, where shuidi fund is located, has three main business lines: fund-raising, mutual aid and insurance. Shuidi insurance holds an insurance broker license and officially went online in May 2017. According to its official website, as of June 2019, the platform has established in-depth cooperation with more than 60 well-known domestic insurance companies and launched more than 80 cost-effective insurance products.

However, Chen Leibo, a lawyer for finance and real estate at the Shanghai international headquarters of Beijing Normal, also told the new Beijing news that profit-making organizations should also clearly distinguish between public welfare and profit-making. In principle, there is no big problem in publicizing insurance through public welfare. However, the details of the expenditure of public welfare itself should be public. If the profit-making organization makes profits through public welfare, it is certainly not appropriate u3002

In the process of public welfare practice, it is understandable to give some small subsidies to the participants. However, if we pay a high salary and commission, it will completely violate the purpose of public welfare and over consume the donors. In foreign countries, the audit of public welfare is very strict. Some public trust will be supervised by law firms and audit institutions. Once there is a problem, there will be corresponding punishment measures. Chen Leibo further said.

In response to the public opinions query, waterdrop research also released the adjustment plan of performance management mode on December 2: abandon the original performance management mode which mainly serves the number of patients, and adjust it to based on the final passing rate of the project, focusing on the true compliance of the project and the dimension of service quality around the whole process of fund-raising.


Fundraiser information has not been fully verified and fundraising has started

The reporter of the Beijing News also noted that many people with cars and houses raised money on the water drop fund-raising and successfully raised cash

According to waterdrop, in addition to offline team services, the platform adopts a full process dynamic audit covering fund-raising initiation, communication, cash withdrawal and other links, and verifies fund-raising projects layer by layer with the help of social network communication verification, third-party data verification, big data, public opinion monitoring and other technologies and means. However, the reporter found that there are many fund-raising projects whose information has not been fully verified, but they have started to raise funds. For example, a water drop fund-raising project with a fund-raising amount of 200000 yuan, which the client claims to be diagnosed with chronic renal insufficiency and paralysis, has spent a lot of money. Under all circumstances, the fund-raising can only be initiated through water drop fund-raising. Up to now, the fund-raising has reached more than 16000 yuan Yuan, but in the column of learn more audit information, it shows that the patients ID card and the patients photo are being verified, the patients diagnosis certificate is being verified, the payee patient relationship certificate is being verified, and the payees bank card information is being verified.

In water drop financing, such information is not fully verified, and it is not uncommon to start donation projects.

Another fund-raising project also has a similar situation. The caller claimed that his son was diagnosed with leukemia and was likely to need long-term treatment. Therefore, he launched the love help through water drop fund raising, with the goal of raising 500000 yuan. In the supporting materials, it shows that the identity certificate has passed the examination and the diagnosis certificate has passed the examination, but the information of the payee is still showing the verification. In addition, in the supplementary information of credit increase, it shows that the value of the real estate is 120000 yuan, while the value of the car is 120000 yuan. According to common sense, these two information should be clerical errors, but the fund-raising project still raises more than 90000 yuan.

In response, shuidiji told reporters that it would verify this, but there was no further response until the deadline.

Zhang Jianping, a lawyer from Guangdong legal Shengbang law firm, told the Beijing news that platforms like waterdrop research have a strong public welfare attribute, and they have an audit obligation for the information of the client, but this audit obligation is a formal audit obligation, that is to say, the platform should at least audit the authenticity of the help information sent by the client, such as documents and medical records. But at present, these situations occur. The platform itself should check and delete some information that does not conform to the law.

In addition, the reporter of the Beijing News also noted that many people with cars and houses also raised money on the water drop fund-raising and successfully raised cash. A reporter from Beijing News found on the platform of waterdrop financing that a person with a car (valued at 80000 yuan, said to have been depreciated and sold but not offered), a house (valued at about 2 million yuan, said to have more than 1 million loans outstanding) and an annual family income of more than 200000 yuan had donated about 430000 yuan without changing the house and car sales.

The reporter of Beijing News interviewed many caring people randomly with this case and found that most of the interviewees could not accept such donation projects. Xiao Li of Guangzhou also thinks that if you have a car and a room, you still need to donate money. Isnt it really difficult for you to raise money with a family without a car and a room?? I think its not enough to raise money when Im sick, at least after selling cars and selling houses. After all, the money of caring people is not from the strong wind.

Low illegal cost

The fund raiser is only sentenced to return the fund and pay interest

Chen Leibo, a lawyer, said that if some people who do not meet the conditions of donation initiate donation and raise a lot of money, I think if this person has the purpose of embezzlement, he can be charged with embezzlement or fraud and be punished appropriately

Taking the first dispute in China caused by Internet personal illness for help as an example, the case was adjudicated in the first instance of Chaoyang peoples court in Beijing in early November. The court determined that Mo, the fundraiser, initiated fundraising on the waterdrop platform under the condition of concealing his property and other social assistance, and misappropriated the fundraising for other purposes in violation of the agreed purpose, which constituted a breach of contract. However, in the first instance, the court only ordered mo Return the fundraising in full amount of 153136 yuan and pay the corresponding interest.

The column of sponsors commitment on the page of water drop fundraising said: the sponsor has promised that the text and picture materials submitted are completely true, without any fictitious facts and concealment of the truth. If there is any untruth, the sponsor is willing to bear all legal liabilities.

Li Bin, a member of the insurance professional committee of Beijing Lawyers Association and an insurance professional lawyer, told the Beijing news that the sponsor of the waterdrop fund-raising page promised that if there was any untruth, the sponsor would take full legal responsibility, but in fact, this responsibility is currently to return the donation without any other liability provisions. In fact, the above-mentioned cases have become obvious fraud, and have the characteristics of fraud. However, in practice, due to the economic difficulties of the family members of the patient, the interpretation of the nature of the case has not been clearly defined, so there is no case to investigate criminal responsibility.

The reporter consults the lawyer to understand, generally speaking, the public welfare organization belongs to the Civil Affairs Bureau to be in charge. However, in May this year, when the Deyun society cross talk actors crowdfunding incident happened, the Ministry of civil affairs publicly responded that personal help was not charity fundraising and was not within the legal regulatory responsibilities of the Ministry of civil affairs, but because (the incident) affected the order and norms in the field of charity, the Ministry of civil affairs will guide the platform to revise the self-discipline convention, continuously improve the self-discipline mechanism in response to the concerns of the masses, and also mobilize others Self discipline is added to the platform.

It is reported that in October 2018, three platforms, love fund, ease fund and water drop fund, jointly signed and released the self discipline proposal and self discipline convention of Internet service platform for personal serious illness help, improved the functions of pre review, withdrawal publicity and online reporting, established a blacklist of helpers, strengthened credit constraints and improved openness and transparency.

Pan Yichun, reporter of Beijing News

Source: responsible editor of Beijing News: Qiao JunJing, nbj11279